GIX to change digital advertising through AI

19 May, 2022

GIX have developed an AI-based system for optimizing messages for consumers online.  Its platform allows advertises to purchase advertising space without human contact

[Pictured above: CEO of GIX ]

The new technological age has changed the world in many aspects, including the world of advertising. The war on billboards remains just “nice to have”, and there is no fight for square meter in Ayalon. What may have started as a trend, is here to stay – target the customers and the consumers online.

Probably more than once you were in conversations with friends and talked about something, and a second later it “jumped” as advertisement online. Today, companies are also targeting our interests and make the advertisement tailor-made, without our knowledge.

GIX and its subsidiary Cortex (started in 2021) have developed an AI-based system for optimizing messages for consumers online. The artificial intelligence platform allows advertises to purchase advertising space using a complex algorithm – without human contact. This platform can work with variety of platforms, “dress-up” on them and activate its charms. The reason it has grown so quickly is because GIX and Cortex offer a solution on multiple device types such as desktop, mobile, tablet, across all browsers (Android, Safari, Chrome, IOS, etc.). The solution fits all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Outbrain, Yahoo, etc.), which means that they can reach billions of people around the world. The demand is endless since they are integrated with all the largest programmatic advertisers in the world (Google, Amazon- A9, Index, OpenX, Triplelift, Pubmatic, Xandr, Teads, etc.) who represent hundreds of billions of dollars of advertising budgets yearly. 

Beyond the technology which is changing the world of advertising and stepping up the automation we know, advertising has become accessible. No more tens of thousands of nis on signs and wallpapers. This age is talking about affordable advertisement that allows businesses to reach exactly their target audience – effortless.

GIX and its subsidiary Cortex have built an infrastructure to allow advertisers to acquire ad space in line with the current data privacy guidelines (GDPR, CCPA) and based on their most advanced targeting techniques (cookies, user identity solutions, contextual). Furthermore, The Company has developed a unique and fully automated algorithm that manages in real time hundreds of thousands of campaigns enabling advertisers to post targeted ads on its original content and convert them into profit.

Advertisers continuously look for effective ways to tell their story to consumers and sell their products. Good quality content has become that effective place for consumers and advertisers to meet at a high level of engagement. Brands are fighting on the customers attention and Cortex enables them to scale to highly relevant audiences improving their return on investment. 

Amichai Haddad, CEO: “There are a lot of opportunities in the market. We have an orderly strategy of growth through acquisitions. We are looking for companies that will be synergistic with us, that will complement our products and activities, and allow Gix to become a “one stop shop” – we will be able to give advertises all of the existing advertising products, video, social, search and more”.

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