DI’s preventative maintenance technology in Israel’s Highway 6

26 February, 2023

Drive Group, which also operates the Carmel Tunnels, will use the Israeli Dynamic Infrastructure’s AI platform to detect infrastructure maintenance defects based on photographs only

Drive Group, the operator of Israel’s Highway 6, will adopt Dynamic Infrastructure’s AI platform as part of maintaining the infrastructures under its management, Techtime has learned. DI’s platform is capable of detecting defects in bridges and road infrastructure based on photographs only.

Drive group will start immediately implementing DI’s technology in various projects after the companies have completed a successful pilot within Drive’s innovation plan. Drive’s goal in adopting the cutting-edge solution is to reduce maintenance costs and increase the tools available for managerss to manage future risks.

Drive Group (formerly Derech Eretz) is Israel’s largest operator and manager of toll roads. The group currently operates Cross-Israel Highway, the Carmel Tunnels, and the North Highway. Altogether, the company is responsible for hundreds of miles of roads and thousands of transportation infrastructure facilities. 

Tomer Yaakov, Drive’s BD & Innovation director, said: “We recognized DI’s technology as a tool that will provide maintenance managers in our projects to optimize maintenance processes while improving the quality of the professional, vast service portfolio offered by the group. We are pleased to be pioneers in integrating AI/ML-based technology in infrastructure projects within Israel”.

Dynamic Infrastructure’s platform utilizes the complete visual data gathered by periodic inspections at the site, including smartphone photos, drone aerial photographs, and laser scans – and composes a 3D image of the facility. The system then compares the facility’s current state with previous photos and detects cracks, defects, and anomalies requiring preventative maintenance. In addition, the system automatically alerts the asset manager.

Dynamic Infrastructure, founded in 2017 and having offices in Tel Aviv, New York, and Berlin, is already involved in projects with private and government infrastructure companies across the USA, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, and Israel. The company estimates that using its platforms, these companies, which manage dozens of thousands of facilities, were able to reduce operating costs and capital investments significantly. DI’s CEO and co-founder is Saar Dickman.

[Pictured above: Highway-6. Source: Wiki]

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