“Enterprise connectivity turns from hindrance to an enabler”

3 April, 2023

Juniper Networks' advantage in the enterprise market is based on AI technology that automates network management. "Leads to lower operational overhead and brings peace of mind to the organization"

Juniper Networks, which provides hardware and software solutions for communications networks, ended 2022 with record revenues of $5.3 billion, a 12% growth compared to 2021. Juniper is active in three main markets: communication and internet providers (ISPs), data centers, and enterprise. In 2022, for the first time, the enterprise sector was the company’s largest target market, with revenues of $2 billion.

The enterprise sector is the fastest growing target market in the telecom sector, thanks to the expansion of the transition to the cloud and the use among business companies and organizations of intra-corporate communication networks. Juniper’s most prominent competitive advantage in this market is based on the AI technology it brings, which allows to manage corporate communication networks automatically and more efficiently.

Juniper aims to expand its penetration into the Israeli enterprise market in Israel. Last month, Juniper Israel held a professional conference in Tel Aviv that focused on clients from the corporate sector.

Talking to Techtime, GM of Juniper Israel, Itzik Malka [pictured above], explained the importance of quality corporate communication to all company’s activities. ” Companies from the high-tech, banking and retail sectors, intra-organizational connectivity is a critical resource, which affects all operational and business aspects. The problem is that there are no automatic mechanisms for proactively identifying what is not working well in the network. The burden falls on the IT team.”

$1 million for every hour of downtime

A study by Garthner revealed that each minute of communication network downtime, costs an organization approx. $US9,000 on average, and in larger organizations according to IDC, the cost of an hour of downtime can also reach $1 Million. Juniper’s flagship product in this field is the Mist AI platform, which is based on the Mist Company’s technology that Juniper acquired several years ago.

Mist AI is a service assurance platform that monitors the traffic in the communication network and the experience of all users and end devices. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the platform diagnoses the quality of the users experience, proactively warns about problems and performs automatic fault correction.

At Juniper, the technology is compared to the autonomous vehicle revolution. As in an autonomous vehicle, the control passes from the driver to the computer, that thanks to AI network management becomes automatic. 

Malka: “Artificial intelligence is changing the world of networking. The use of AI makes it possible to move to a proactive approach of diagnosing the user experience. When you know how to accurately diagnose the user experience, you have better transparency of the network situation and you can locate problems and trace their source. Thanks to the adoption of AI technologies, Juniper has moved from the world of pure connectivity to providing value for the organization, lowering operational overhead and understanding the user experience.”

The automation of network management has significant benefits for human resources in the organization. “Our solution, being automatic and proactive, removes the issue of networking from the agenda of the IT department. Our customers testify that the solution brought peace of mind to the organization in this aspect – communication turned from a problem to an enabler, an advantage. They say that it saves a lot of time and resources, because the number of organizational failures decreases significantly. 

The old world talked about speed and connectivity, the new world speaks about the experience of the user, the operator and the application. It’s a cloud solution (SaaS) and it allows us to add more and more layers.”


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