Adi Shuster Appointed as Engineering and Marketing Manager at Arrow Israel

11 July, 2014

"Today the customers need to invest in their core intellectual property. In Arrow Israel, we will manage them as a complete project: from the initial stages all the way to production"

Adi Shuster: “In Arrow Israel, we will manage the customers as a complete project: from the initial stages all the way to production”


Mr. Adi Shuster as Engineering and Marketing Manager at Arrow Israel. Shuster replaces Mr. Amir Sherman, who in August 2013 was appointed as Production Manager for ST Micro Electronics and Business Development Manager for Systems On Modules at Arrow Europe.

Before he joined Arrow Israel, Adi Shuster worked at Avnet Israel where for the last 16 years he acted as Technical Manager of the EBV Department, Avnet’s largest unit and the company’s leading marketing department for semiconductor components.

In his new role, Shuster is reporting to Mr. Eldad Yassur, head of Arrow Israel activities. Shuster’s responsibilities include managing the customer’s technical support, market penetration and marketing operations.

Components as a gateway to the entire system

In an interview with Techtime, Shuster said that one of his goals is to broaden the System On Modules (SOM) activities. “We plan to implement a systematic approach for SOM, one that goes beyond focusing on individual products.

“We will provide our customers with a full and multi-faceted solution encompassing all possible card components, helping them from the first steps of their design phases until the final ones, and working together with subcontractors and electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers. We will manage our customers as a complete project: from the initial early stages all the way to production.”

 Techtime:  Do you intend working with manufacturing contractors?

Shuster: “We have a third party partners providing Intellectual property (IP), hardware and software development and production. The aim is to work mostly with local contractors. Projects today have become very complex from a technology aspect and high development expenses can only be justified through large-scale production. However, the local industry requires high mix low volume solutions. It is best for the companies to invest mainly in their core intellectual property and to use standard cards to reduce development costs and shorten time to market.”

What are the main areas of growth in Israeli industry today?

“A number of areas are currently growing: the medical field is really developing, also there many companies active in green energy and industrial control, which are stable fields and less sensitive to market swings. We are now seeing growth in LEDs lighting solutions. There are many new companies in this market, and Arrow is prepared to be their main supplier”.

Do you believe in local electronic production?

“Local production is reliant on the costs. Production in China is becoming more expensive which improves the position of our local manufacturers. On the other hand, production in Israel is becoming more expensive due to the dollars vs shekels conversions. If this trend changes, a large part of the production will be local due to the provisions for quality, monitoring and requirements for producing smaller amounts.”

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