Knorr invests additional $10 million in Rail Vision

The investment reflects company value of $50 million. Knorr is now the largest stakeholder. Rail Vision has developed a detectuib system that warns the locomotive driver of a potential collision with obstacles

REE unveiled three fully modular EV Platforms

REE has developed a concept of a chassis in which the subsystems – suspensions, engine, steering, brakes, sensors, and the control and electronic systems – are integrated into the vehicle’s own wheels

Electrified employee? Don’t sweat it. It’s only a VR…

Intel set up 6 Virtual Reality rooms for experiential training of maintenance workers. But it must adapt to life in the COVID-19 era, and is currently developing 3D computer games that will be sent to employees’ homes

Innoviz Introduced Next Generation LiDAR

The new InnovizTwo provides 70% cost reduction compared to earlier sensors. “The automotive industry needs to introduce L2+ functionality – with hardware that supports automation of L3 and L4”

Aura Air installed an AI-based purification system at the Royal Palace in Madrid

Aura Air’s technology is using multiple sensors, smart algorithm and unicque air purification methods. The systems are manufactured by AY Electronics in Israel

Foretellix Acquires Metamoto

The deal allows Foretellix to offer a cloud service for testing ADAS systems and autonomous vehicles designs to verify their compliance with engineering and regulatory requirements

Electreon and Eurovia to promote electric roads in Europe

Eurovia is owned by the VINCI corporation and is considered to be one of the largest road construction companies in the world. Both companies will promote projects in Germany, France and Belgium

proteanTecs Established an Automotive Division

proteanTecs invented a new chip telemetry technology using dedicated on-chip agents to collect data for smart analysis. In August 2020 it raised $45 million

US Air Force to adopt Edgybees AR Technology

Edgybees injects digital information into real time video footage arriving from remote sensors. Its technology will be incorporated in the $950 million JADC2 program

Nanox to showcase its Digital X-ray Technology

Will demonstrate the digital X-ray system at a radiology conference in Chicago. The research firm Citron recently raised question marks about the validity of Nanox technology

IBM develops a Giant 1,000-qubits Quantum Computer

The most powerful quantum computer today has only 65 qubits. The future goal: a million cubits computewr. “It will be possible to simulate the cholesterol molecule”

Hailo Challenges Google and Intel

Its M.2 and Mini PCIe AI Acceleration Modules to Enhance Performance of Edge Devices outperform Intel’s Myriad-X modules by 26x and Google’s Edge TPUs by 13x Frames Per Second (FPS)

Electronic Components

Flex tests In-line detection of Counterfeit Components

Cybord analyzes images of each electronic component captured on the SMT line - and identifies in real time if the component is counterfeit, recycled - or if it was contaminated by a malicious code
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