Needed a Radar to distinguish between Humans and Animals

The Israeli MoD competition is aimed to explore automated ways that will enable classification for humans and animals with a high degree of confidence and accuracy

Iron Dome to be Produced in the United States

Raytheon Missiles & Defense and Israel’s RAFAEL team to establish U.S.-based Iron Dome Weapon System production facility. Iron Dome is the world’s most-used missile defense system

Nanox has completed a $110 Million Funding Round

The company has developed innovative Digital CT Scanner device. Among the investors: Foxconn, Fujifilm and SK. It plans a Pay-per-Scan business model

Tower Semiconductor Announced ultra-fast RF Switch

The new switches achieved On/Off transition times (Ron Coff) shorter than 10 femtoseconds vs. 70-100 femtoseconds in use today for the most advanced applications

Salaries in the Israeli Industry rose by 25%

The Israeli electronics industry struggles to survive the year of COVID-19 when it is in a dire situation, facing a decline in sales – along with an increase in expenses

StoreDot is Charging Commercial Drones in just 5 Minutes

Today, it takes between 60-90 minutes to charge a commercial drone, with full charge giving a flight time of approximately 30 minutes. As a result, drones spend far longer in the charging station that in operation

Belkin Laser raised $12.25 million for Non-invasive Glaucoma Laser Treatment

A 1-second long projection of 120 laser pulses to the limbus accelerates intraocular fluid drainage and thereby reduces intraocular pressure.

Ecoppia received $40 million investment for Solar Panels Cleaning Robots

The autonomous robots clean the panels every night, removing about 99% of the dust. “COVID-19 and Social distancing made our advantage clearer. Our customers cleaning works continued as usual”

A Spectrometer-on-Chip for the detection of COVID-19

Newsight Imaging and Sheba Medical Center to identify and classify evidence of coronavirus in the body in less than a second, by spectral analysis of a sample of fluid – blood serum or saliva

Audi to explore Apollo Power On-vehicle Solar Sheets

Founded in 2014, Apollo Power has developed a unique flexible solar sheet technology, that can be easily adapted to the Hybrid/Electrical vehicle’s uneven surfaces

Intel may Outsource 7-nm Production

The conclusion is shocking: Intel does not lead the process race anymore, and it is also does not believe in its ability to provide full scale 7 nm production services for its own road map

Altair Changes Its Name to Sony Semiconductor Israel

With its new AI DSP chip, the new name represent a new role for the Israeli branch. Its cellular IoT product line will maintain the original “Altair” branding

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