Hailo Raised $12.5 Million to Develop AI Processor

“We have completely redesigned the pillars of computer architecture – memory, control and compute – and the relations between them. The current 70-year old processor’s architecture is inadequate for AI needs”

Zebra Medical Raised $30M for Automated AI Based Radiology

Zebra Medical Vision uses deep learning to create Imaging Analytics Platform. It’s recent announcements were the CE approval of CT brain bleed and mammography lesion detection algorithms

VisIC Raised $10M to Speed Up its GaN Power Modules

Last February VisIC started sampling the industry’s first 1200V GaN modules, and announced a major manufacturing partnership with TSMC

Improved DAC Phase Noise Measurements Enable Ultra Low Phase Noise DDS Applications

Phase noise is a concern for all radio systems, but radar in particular can require phase noise performance at frequency offsets much closer to the carrier than a communication system

Applied Materials Introduced Cobalt for Chip Interconnects

“This is first metal change to transistor contact and interconnect in 20 years. It removes major performance bottleneck at the 7nm foundry node and beyond”

Foresight Completed a Cellular-based V2X Trial

Eye-Net is a V2X cellular-based accident prevention solution, designed to provide pre-collision alerts in real time to pedestrians and vehicles by using smartphones

Xioami to Integrate Mantis Vision’s 3D Camera in Mi8

Mantis Vision’s technology is based on a patented structured light and a smart decoding algorithm which produce the many depth points with high quality

BP to invest $20 Million in Super-fast EV Batteries

StoreDot’s Flash Battery is comprising of hundreds of EV unique cells that can store enough energy for up to 480 km range on a 5-minute charge

Mobileye Begin Autonomous Fleet Tests

The first of the Intel Mobileye 100-car fleet hits the road in Jerusalem in May 2018. “If you can drive in Jerusalem, you can drive anywhere”. The Radar/LiDAR layer will be added in the coming weeks

Boeing to Adopt Assembrix’ Virtual 3D Printing

By controlling every machine from a central point, it can complete the production process without giving up the digital file, with all its hidden IP, into the hands of a third party

Record Sales for CMOS Image Sensors

Embedded imaging applications in cars, security, machine vision, medical and virtual reality will offset slow growth in camera phones. CMOS image sensors grabbed 89% of total image sensor sales in 2017


SolarEdge Enters UPS Market With the Acquisition of Gamatronic

SolarEdge will pay approximately $11.4 million. “This acquisition is our first step in expanding our business to new fields outside the solar arena”

Electronics Industry

IMI Strategy in Israel: Competing the Chinese

“When we saw the Israeli production in China, we understood there is a big opportunity here," said Carla Buencamino of Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. following the agreement with Beckermus
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