Ondas Holdings to Acquire Airobotics

Ondas expects to issue approximately 2.8 million shares as consideration to the Airobotics shareholders, implying an acquisition value of approximately $15.2 million

CropX Farm Management System Connects with John Deere Operations Center 

The integration allows CropX farm management system users with an Operations Center account to share data bi-directionally between the systems. “It supports our mission to bring powerful, easy-to-use digital solutions to all farms”

Nova to Unveil a New Strategy Aimed to Reach $1B Sales

Announced record quarterly revenue of $141.6 million in Q2 2022. Up 45% year over year, and a total of $510 million in revenues during the last four quarters

Exclusive: Cognata’s new strategy

The appointment of Dr. Gahl Berkooz, former data director at Ford and GM, to Chief Data Officer, marks a new strategy. “Our goal is to reduce verification costs”

Silicon Labs Announced Development Kit for Bluetooth Location Services

The BG22 Bluetooth Dual Polarized Antenna Array Pro Kit, provides all the necessary tools for developing high-volume, scalable Direction-Finding solutions

Pangea wins Andorran government international tender for providing new e-Passport system

The passport holder’s personal information will be encoded in the passport’s chip and the document will implement the most advanced security features in the industry. The new e-Passport system is scheduled to be deployed by end of 2022

Florida and Colorado to deploy Autotalks and Yunex Traffic V2X solution

The Connected Vehicle Roadside Units (RSUs) will support public transportation, passenger cars, and heavy and light vehicles on highways, roads, and bike lanes

Israel’s OurCrowd to partner with Philippines Investment Firm Einhorn Resources Inc

Forge partnership agreement to strengthen tech startup ties and provide Einhorn clients with direct access to exclusive OurCrowd startup investments, as well as mentorships to facilitate growth for Philippine startups

“Biased labeling undermines the credibility of AI applications” 

Toloka, which provides data labeling services for AI model training and has amassed a diverse labeling audience from around the world, is entering Israel. Israeli tech companies are global, and it is important for them to base their AI applications on information relevant to their target markets” 

BW Robotics integrates Hailo chip in its AD kits 

Hailo’s microprocessor, providing processing power of up to 26 TOPS, will assist in real time running of neural networks developed for autonomous driving. “This chip assists us in overcoming major limitations” 

InfiniDome proved GPS protection efficiency at the Israel-Syria border

The company has tested the GPSdome protection system during Russian jamming attack.  The unprotected receiver’s activity was completely disrupted, while the protected GPS  receiver continued to fully function

Elbit’s helicopter helmet overcomes weather conditions

The system is built in a modular format and includes an AI-based mission computer which  can identify obstacles and threats in any weather conditions

Electronic Components

Cybord raised $4M to avoid Counterfeit Parts

Cybord SMT acquires component images from a built-in camera in the SMT pick and place machines - to learn and analyze every component - using an AI algorithm and a big knowledgebase
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