IMoD Selected Elbits’ Active Protection System for the Eitan AFV

Iron Fist configuration includes optical sensors, CHR radar, launchers and countermeasure munitions to defeat threats at a safe distance from the defended combat vehicles

Porsche Invested in TriEye from Tel-aviv

TriEye develops a Short-Wave-Infra-Red (SWIR) sensing technology to enables vision in adverse weather and light conditions

Uri Bechor from flex Joined SolarEdge

Bechor served as GM for Europe and the Americas in flex, where he oversaw more than forty manufacturing sites and was responsible for revenues of more than $10 billion

Intel and Microsoft Promote Security Standard for AI

The standard will be based on Homomorphic Encryption: It allows computation to be performed directly on encrypted data without requiring access to a secret key

CEVA Invests $10 Million in Strategic Partnership With Immervision

CEVA’s investment secures exclusive licensing rights to Immervision’s portfolio of patented wide-angle image processing technology and software

SolarEdge Appoints New Director as Co-Chairman

Nadav Zafrir strengthens the executive management of the company in light of the continued illness of Guy Sella, founder, Chairman and CEO of SolarEdge

FiRa to Transform UWB into a Ranging Standard for New Services

The newly established FiRa Consortium plans to develop fine ranging and positioning capabilities on top of the Ultra-Wideband communication standard 802.15.4/4z

Hailo Prepares for Mass Production of its AI Chips

The Tel Aviv based AI chip vendor is preparing to enter the automotive, IoT and smart city markets. Hailo’s CEO, Orr Danon, revealed some of the company’s architectural secrets in an interview with Techtime

TowerJazz to Invest $100 Million in Capacity Building

Announced 300mm fab capacity expansion plan to fulfill increased demand for RF SOI process, the 65nm BCD Power Management and the CMOS image sensor platforms

Apple to Acquire Majority of Intel’s Smartphone Modem Business

Apple will pay approximately $1 billion. 2,200 Intel employees will join Apple, along with intellectual property. CEVA rose 14% on NASDAQ

Volvo and Toyota led $31M Investment in UVeye

Volvo and Toyota intend to use UVey’s inspection systems at various sites internationally, including factories, dealerships and in the after-market segment

CEVA Refresh its Business Model: Acquires Sensor Business of Hillcrest

Will sell software licensing of Hillcrest Labs’ MotionEngine software for sensors as a stand alone product, as well as a combined package of Silicon IP and Software solutions

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