Apple to Acquire Majority of Intel’s Smartphone Modem Business

Apple will pay approximately $1 billion. 2,200 Intel employees will join Apple, along with intellectual property. CEVA rose 14% on NASDAQ

Volvo and Toyota led $31M Investment in UVeye

Volvo and Toyota intend to use UVey’s inspection systems at various sites internationally, including factories, dealerships and in the after-market segment

CEVA Refresh its Business Model: Acquires Sensor Business of Hillcrest

Will sell software licensing of Hillcrest Labs’ MotionEngine software for sensors as a stand alone product, as well as a combined package of Silicon IP and Software solutions

Juganu raised $23 million for Connected Metro LED Lighting

 Juganu has developed a new platform for the Smart Cities called “Digital World” that combines LED lighting and wireless connectivity

Siklu Appoints Ben-Hamou as New CEO

His mission is to lead the mmWave wireless solutions provider through the waves of the coming high speed 5G Applications

Elbit is one of Top 10 players in Cognitive EW

Cognitive Electronic Warfare Systems can overcome limitations of current EW systems. According to BIS Research, the global Cognitive EW system market is expected to reach $928.4 million in 2028

Large-Scale Trial of Cellular-Based Accident Prevention

The experiment will involve approximately 30,000 participants. Eye-Net is a cellular-based vehicle-to-everything (V2X) accident prevention solution designed to protect the road users in real time

REE Emerged From Stealth Mode with High-tech Wheels

REE’s engineers had placed the motor, steering, suspension, drive train, sensing systems, brakes, thermal systems and electronics into the wheels

Firefly to get Lunar Lander Technology from IAI

Firefly is one of the nine companies selected by NASA to participate in the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program, aimed to deliver science payloads to the surface of the Moon

Tactical Radars of RADA Gain Momentum

RADA Announces $7 Million in New Orders During June 2019. Accumulated value of new orders for the first half of 2019 is $26 Million

Israeli Exits Reached $14.48 Billion

It includes one mega-deal in which Mellanox Technologies was acquired by Nvidia for $6.9 billion. Average Value versus Amount Invested rose to 3.9 compared with 2.91 in 2018

Delay in Orders From India Hit Ceragon

Ceragon pushed from the second quarter approximately $20 million of revenues related to the orders from India. The company’s stock in Nasdaq dropped 9.8%

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