Digi-Key Announced 1.0 Release of the KiCad Library

“After more than 140 GitHub commits and reviews of each part in the library, we are ready to announce the 1.0 release”

RADWIN and Microsoft to deliver TV White Space solutions

RADWIN will develop and introduce access solutions for TV White Space spectrum, needed to drive Microsoft’s Airband Initiative, which aims to expand broadband coverage in rural communities

Smart Retail: Trax Closed $125 Million Investment Round

Trax turns images of retail shelves into actionable insights to enable measuring in-store execution and to create automatic inventory checks

Shiratech Plans to Shake the 96Board’s Market

Shiratech Solutions from Israel recently announced a 96Board LTE based modem card in Europe and the United States. Next step: Bringing Arduino and Raspberry Pi worlds into the 96Board format

US Army Choose Rafael’s APS for its Main Battle Tanks

Leonardo DRS and Rafael received a contract worth USD 193 million by U.S. Army to provide Active Protection Systems for tha U.S. Army Abrams battle tanks

IMI Systems

Elbit to Acquire IMI Systems for $495 million

With approximately 2,000 employees and half a billion dollar annual sales, IMI will bring Elbit vast experience in the areas of precision munitions

Mellanox CEO Eyal Waldman

Mellanox reached Agreement with the Activist Fund Starboard

Jon Olson, Greg Waters and Jack Lazar are joining the Board of Directors, and the Fund will support the Board and the Management in the coming Year

Foresight Raised $12.4 Million Through Private Placements

Earlier this month Foresight sold its first QuadSight quad-camera vision system to a truck division of a large European vehicle manufacturer

Black & Decker Invests in Wireless Charging Startup

Humavox from Israel has developed new wireless charging technology based on the principles of RF resonance. The company is raising now $10 million with the help of B & D

Elbit’s Beyeonics Surgical Raised $11.5 Million

Beyeonics integrated many technologies that had been originally developed for Elbit’s Helmet Mounted Systems, to create a surgeon-centered augmented reality system

Mellanox boosts the Huge Summit Supercomputer

With Summit, US is leading again in Supercomputing. It includes 4,608 compute servers, each containing two 22-core IBM Power9 processors, six NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU’s and dual-rail Mellanox EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand

Hailo Raised $12.5 Million to Develop AI Processor

“We have completely redesigned the pillars of computer architecture – memory, control and compute – and the relations between them. The current 70-year old processor’s architecture is inadequate for AI needs”

Electronics Industry

IMI Strategy in Israel: Competing the Chinese

“When we saw the Israeli production in China, we understood there is a big opportunity here," said Carla Buencamino of Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. following the agreement with Beckermus
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