NVIDIA Leads the Fast-Growing Edge AI Chipset Market

ABI Research estimates that the edge AI chipset market will grow from US$2.6 billion in 2019 to US$7.6 billion by 2024. NVIDIA holds 39% of the market, but is facing intensifying competition

Google Pixel 4 Smartphone Includes Infineon’s Radar Chip

Using an integrated antenna system, the 60GHz BGT60TR13C radar chip allows sensitive gesture control of the smartphone

SolarEdge Opened a Second Litigation Front against Huawei

SolarEdge goes the the source location: Mainland China. Claims that Huawei violated its IP in Power Optimizer and DC Optimized Inverter Technologies

Elbit to Provide a Networked UAS Array to an Army in Asia

The $153 million contract includes the delivery of more than a thousand THOR mini-UAS, scores of Skylark and Hermes 450 tactical UAS and multiple Ground Stations

Teledyne Acquires Micralyne

“The acquisition of Micralyne solidifies Teledyne as the number one independent multi-product MEMS foundry in the world.”

Digi-Key Secured Global Distribution Agreement with Directed Energy

DEI provides ready-to-use modules creating high voltage and high current pulses for scientific, industrial and commercial applications

Flex Launched a New Production Facility in Israel

The new 35,000 square meters mass production manufacturing facility aimed to build large complete systems such as Industrial 3D Printers or Semiconductor Manufacturing Machines

IMoD Selected Elbits’ Active Protection System for the Eitan AFV

Iron Fist configuration includes optical sensors, CHR radar, launchers and countermeasure munitions to defeat threats at a safe distance from the defended combat vehicles

Porsche Invested in TriEye from Tel-aviv

TriEye develops a Short-Wave-Infra-Red (SWIR) sensing technology to enables vision in adverse weather and light conditions

Uri Bechor from flex Joined SolarEdge

Bechor served as GM for Europe and the Americas in flex, where he oversaw more than forty manufacturing sites and was responsible for revenues of more than $10 billion

Intel and Microsoft Promote Security Standard for AI

The standard will be based on Homomorphic Encryption: It allows computation to be performed directly on encrypted data without requiring access to a secret key

CEVA Invests $10 Million in Strategic Partnership With Immervision

CEVA’s investment secures exclusive licensing rights to Immervision’s portfolio of patented wide-angle image processing technology and software

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