STI is looking for Defense Production in Israel

Simon Best: “Israeli companies are winning a lot of defense deals in the UK, and the Offset Procurement Agreements requires an amount of local production”

IMI brings Ayala’s Commercial Might to Israel

IMI’s CEO, Arthur Tan, came to Israel with a tempting offer: We can produce your systems and help you going to the market with the commercial arms of our parent company, Ayala Corporation

New Idea: Ultrasonic M2M Communications

Sonarax has developed a new protocol to accomplish pairing between devices and transfer data on both encrypted and open channels, using the existing hardware such as speakers and microphones

Moshe Gavrielov Joins the Board of Foretellix

Foretellix has developed a verification framework for Autonomous Cars based on concepts brought from VLSI verification. Gavrielov has served as CEO of Xilinx for 10 years

Walmart Acquired Natural Language Startup Aspectiva

By applying deep Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques, Aspectiva from Tel aviv surfaces what people say and feel about any product

New Kind of ES Antenna for 5G

With the help of MACOM, Pivotal Commware from Washington, US, succeed in the developing of its Holographic Beam Forming technology, aimed to reduce the cost and complexity of 5G networks

ReWalk Announced ReStore Exo-Suit for Stroke Rehabilitation

ReWalk anticipates commercializing the ReStore device for use by stroke patients and rehab clinics in Europe in mid-2019

SAS raises $12 million for Constellation of Nano Satellites

The UK-Israeli company is building a constellation of 200 Nano Satellites for communications and Emergency services to the equatorial belt

IMI Revenues up 24% to US$1.35 Billion in 2018

The Industrial segment grew 41% and the Automotive segment by 21% in 2018, while strong activities firmed up for strategic opportunities in Aerospace

NanoLock and Micron Co-developed Flash Security

The combination of NanoLock Security’s platform with Authenta, enable strong Flash-to-Cloud integrity for the securing of IoT and connected devices

CEVA won a Major Licensing Agreement for its 5G IP

The agreement is related to a processing platform for 5G base stations. During 2018 CEVA announced PentaG 5G Platform, based on AI and XC4500 DSP

Chroma to Acquire 20.5% of Camtek for $58.1 Million

Camtek will license its triangulation technology for non-semiconductor applications to be used by Chroma, while Chroma and Camtek will cooperate in potential projects for the semiconductor market

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