Mantis Vision discovered the “Emotional Economy”

The 3D camera provider enters new markets with the acquisition of BrainVu, whose technology can remotely detect emotions by analyzing eye movements

“The Mobile Tactical Radar market Gains Momentum”

Dov Sella, RADA’s CEO: “The worldwide radar market for Mobile Active Protection Systems may reach approximately $300 annually for the next 15 years”

CEVA expects revenues from Apple starting Q3

Qualcomm is out, and Intel will be using a new CEVA DSP core for the coming iPhone modems, manufactured at Intel’s foundry

On Semi Choose Optimal Plus to monitor its Production

The deployment of Optimal Plus software solution will enable ON Semiconductor to lower Defective Parts Per Million (DPPM) rates to the single digit range

GlobalFoundreis aborts 7nm Development

“Customers cannot afford the transition to 7nm and finer geometries. 14nm and above technologies will continue to be the important demand driver for the foundry business for many years to come”

Mellanox leads the European plaCMOS project

This revolutionary project may shape a new direction for the Silicon Photonics Industry, by using Plasmonics effect to build a unified silicon chip containing both the electronic and the optic circuits

OTI Received MIR Payment Certification

The Russian national payment system created the MIR payment card in 2014 with the primary objective to be fully independent of foreign organizations

Rafael Spike LR2 anti-tank missiles to Australia

The anti-tank guided missile will arm the Rheinmetall Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicle of the Ausralian Army. Rafael established a local company in Australia to produce the missiles

Siklu and Sckipio combined Gfast with mmWave

This breakthrough wireless millimeter-Gfast combined solution is delivering real-world aggregate broadband speeds topping 800Mbps

Stratasys Push 3D Manufacturing of Composite Materials

Stratasys announced the shipment of a new affordable $70,000 additive manufacturing system, dedicated for carbon-fiber-filled Nylon 12

Digi-Key Expands its Industrial Automation Portfolio

The company has added 15 new Industrial Automation lines in the past year, including products from Altech, SICK, IDEC, Carlo Gavazzi, and Belden

Arbe Robotics Selected EV62 Processor from Synopsys for its Imaging Radar

Arbe Robotics designs SoC radar sensor for driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, capable to detect objects as far as 300 meters away

Electronics Industry

IMI Strategy in Israel: Competing the Chinese

“When we saw the Israeli production in China, we understood there is a big opportunity here," said Carla Buencamino of Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. following the agreement with Beckermus
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