Hailo Introduces AI-Centric Vision Processors for Next-Generation Intelligent Cameras

Hailo-15 Vision Processor Units (VPUs) bring Powerful AI performance directly to cameras deployed in smart cities, factories, buildings, retail locations, and more

Mekorot invests in Olive Diagnostics to allow early detection of chemicals in water reservoirs

Olive Diagnostics is developing for Mekorot an optical system for online analysis of chemical and biological compounds in water for the detection of threats to water safety

OpTeamizer to help companies integrate OpenAI-based technologies

OpTeamizer’s CEO: “Our service suite will help R&D centers and startups significantly shorten the implementation of capabilities based on OpenAI”

How Telegram became the battlefront of the Russia-Ukraine cyberwar

Telegram is a vital communication lifeline for the Ukrainian resistance, Russian hackers, and profiteering cybercriminals who seem resilient to war

DI’s preventative maintenance technology in Israel’s Highway 6

Drive Group, which also operates the Carmel Tunnels, will use the Israeli Dynamic Infrastructure’s AI platform to detect infrastructure maintenance defects based on photographs only

Ceragon Launched AI-Based Management Software for Wireless Transport Networks

Ceragon CEO: “Network Operators now have access to a single unified SDN-based management platform with an easy-to-use interface”

Techtonic will invest hundreds of millions NIS to build one of Israel’s largest data centers

The underground facility is set to be the first private data center in Israel to offer unprecedented physical shielding and the redundancies of the Tier IV standard

Online Dating Safety and How to Recognize Red Flags

Beckermus built a production line for Nexite IoT smart tags

It will enter full production in March 2023. Enables automatic production of IoT tags that include specialized micro controllers and additional SMD components

Xtend offers its drone operating system for civil customers

The operating system allows the human operator to operate a drone in complicated maneuvering missions effortlessly. “Using the system provides the manufacturers with a competitive advantage”

Elron Ventures to Launch CyberFuture to engage CISOs in VC decision-making

CISOs cherry-picking early-stage startup investments give a leg up to solutions addressing cybersecurity challenges being faced in the near future

Apollo Power’s giant client is Volkswagen

It will provide Volkswagen with dozens of thousands of solar films, with a total value of €33 million. This week It has launched a largescale factory with a production capacity of up to 190MW

Electronic Components

"Clock synchronization in 5G is a compute-intensive challenge"

Skyworks' professional team arrived at Israel to introduce the new solution for clock synchronization in 5G and O-RAN networks. Product manager Lokesh Duraiappah: "We have many customers in Israel"
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