XtremIO is EMC’s Fastest Growing Product

15 July, 2014

VP of Sales at EMC: "The Israeli flash memory solution makes building databases a simpler task". EMC acquired XtreamIO in 2012 for $430 million

VP at EMC: “The Israeli solution makes building databases simpler”

David Goulden, CEO, EMC Information Infrastructure
David Goulden, CEO, EMC Information Infrastructure

At the Mega Launch Event in London last week it was announced that Israel’s XtremIO Flash-based database is EMC’s fastest growing product on a global level. David Goulden, CEO, EMC Information Infrastructure, announced at the event that this is the fastest growing storage array technology in the industry, in terms of sales. “In the first six months of its marketing, this information storage system were sold for approximately $100 million.”

Techtime has learned from EMC sources that XtremIO’s results are far more impressive. In the 7th month of marketing, sales achieved another $100 million, meaning that figures have doubled in 4 weeks. EMC acquired the XtremIO startup – developers of a flash memory enhancement technology in 2012 for $430 million. Using an X-Brick array, the technology includes a Flash-based disk array supporting up to 10Tb of data. Currently the largest database built using XtreamIO technology has a volume of 540Tb.

During the event, EMC announced XtremIO 3.0, offering a multitude of new features and configurations, ecosystem integration, and business programs for EMC XtremIO all-flash arrays. Collectively, these offer more scale, more capabilities, and more support for consolidated, virtualized, and performance-hungry workloads.

EMC XtremIO all-flash array
EMC XtremIO all-flash array

A cloud of semiconductors

XtremIO memory databases are made in Ireland and the USA, and built from Hitachi SSD drives with Intel NAND chips, where Intel processors run the management and optimization software developed in Israel. In the announcement EMC said that they are enhancing the XtremIO system’s functionality and will be increasing storage capacity and information density by 50%. EMC VP of Sales of New Technologies, responsible for the XtremIO product, told Τechtime that the solution simplifies building databases and their backup processes and poses as an exciting development for their customers.

XtremIO Technology Highlights

  • New entry-level configuration called the Starter X-Brick. Available now, this offers the full performance and data services of a standard XtremIO array in a low-cost 5TB configuration, with online non-disruptive capacity expansion to a full 10TB X-Brick. Customers simply add more SSDs when they want to expand capacity.
  • New, larger scale-out clusters up to six X-Bricks. Ideal for consolidated workloads, XtremIO arrays now support up to six 20TB X-Bricks with 12 active controllers, enabling a 50% IOPS performance increase and 50% more capacity, while maintaining XtremIO’s sub-millisecond latency (orderable this quarter).
  • Industry’s first writeable snapshot technology that is space-efficient for both data and metadata.
  • New inline compression. Available this quarter, XtremIO arrays deliver up to 4X their previous usable capacity through 100% inline compression. A six X-Brick cluster now effectively delivers petabyte-scale flash so efficiently that flash becomes viable and cost-effective in places never before thought possible. XtremIO clusters with 90 TB of usable flash capacity now effectively support 540 TB of effective capacity at typical 6:1 data reduction (inline deduplication plus inline compression) ratios.
  • More support for EMC software: XtremIO supports EMC ViPR® SRM Suite (available now), EMC ViPR software-defined storage platform (available this quarter) and EMC VSPEX® (available this quarter), complementing existing integration with EMC VPLEX®, EMC PowerPath®, VCE Vblock Systems, VMware VAAI, and VMware vSphere plugins.  XtremIO is supported (available this quarter) as Cinder block storage in OpenStack clouds.

EMC reported that over the last few years there has been an annual increase of 29% in data volumes related to existing applications and of 58% increase  in data volumes related to infrastructure applications on business networks. 

EMC is one of the largest providers of solutions for organizational storage and has one of the largest cloud infrastructure providers globally. In 2013 sales were approximately $23.2 billion. In Israel EMC has over 1,000 employees in 7 R&D centers, including at sister companies Vmware, Pivotal and RSA.

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