NICE announced a Digital Policing Solution

21 October, 2015

The new platform, called NICE Investigate, collects all the digital data from various sources, and organize it in a method that helps law enforcement organizations to complete their investigation

The new platform, called NICE Investigate, collects all the digital data from various sources, and organize it in a method that helps law enforcement organizations to complete their investigation


Police departments everywhere are encountering the need to analyze huge amount of digital information. The exponential growth in digital data from an increasing number of sources, like body camera video and private and public CCTV footage, now presents the challenge of how to effectively process all of this information.

A new digital policing solution from NICE Systems, called NICE Investigate, breaks down information silos and replaces lengthy, manual processes with automated workflows to expedite the entire digital investigation process. NICE Investigate streamlines the collection, organization, and sharing of potential evidence so investigators can make sense of disparate data.
“Investigators today face some tough challenges: collecting and securely sharing potential evidence is surprisingly manual and time-consuming, while analyzing the disparate pieces to recreate the ‘who, what, where, when and why’ of an incident is more complicated than ever,” noted Ed Davis, former Boston Police Commissioner. “A software solution that addresses these issues would be invaluable to any police department.”
“Investigators today spend too much time identifying, collecting, and copying digital evidence from various sources: video from citizens, private and public CCTVs, audio recordings, photos and more, but lack tools to organize and make sense of all these pieces,” said Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE. “Inefficient processes threaten to delay investigations and prosecution. NICE has leveraged its experience working with thousands of police departments to develop a solution that addresses these issues.”
NICE Investigate gives the investigators four core capabilities:
  • Compatibility with multiple evidence sources: NICE Investigate integrates data from most existing applications and sources, including CAD and RMS systems, body camera video, physical evidence like photos and documents, public and private CCTV video, in-car video, interview recordings, citizen tips, 911 audio recordings, gunshot detection systems, automated license plate readers (ALPRs), social media and more. This enables police departments to collapse information silos, choose best-in-class systems from leading providers, and protect investment in existing systems.​
  • Automated workflow: The solution expedites case building by organizing evidence into a digital case folder, using a powerful correlation engine to suggest potential evidence, and enabling investigators to electronically initiate requests for evidence and evidence processing.
  • Content analytics and visualization: Content analytics examines digital content from connected sources, and visual tools display the information, making important patterns and relationships easier to understand. By uncovering more relevant information and visualizing it in useful ways, crimes that would otherwise go unsolved can be successfully prosecuted.
  • Secure collaboration and sharing: Investigators can easily and securely share evidence electronically, enabling multiple investigators within an agency or across agencies to collaborate on a case while maintaining chain of custody and integrity of the evidence. Investigators no longer waste valuable time copying and transporting digital evidence for prosecutors.
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