Siklu to deploy mmWave internet network in Santa Cruz, California

12 April, 2016

The town will use hybrid fiber-wireless technology, connecting exiting fiber to Siklu's ultra-fast wireless radios

The town will use hybrid fiber-wireless technology, connecting exiting fiber to Siklu’s ultra-fast wireless radios


Israeli based Siklu Inc. was chosen to upgrade the internet infrastructure in the coastal town Santa Cruz, California. The lproject, led by the Santa Cruz Municipality, local internet provider Cruzio and Siklu, will allow local businesses, residents and public facilities accesses to gigabit internet service.

The time frame for the project is bold – the deployment of the new infrastructure is planned to take no more than 3 months. Siklu hopes that the project will demonstrate how existing internet infrastructure can cheaply and rapidly be upgraded, using its mmWave technology.

The use of hybrid technology renders the need for expensive replacement of optic cables. A successful outcome of the project may lead to its expansion to further municipalities around the US. Siklu CEO, Itzik Kirshenbaum, said: “We look forward to deploying this technology in other U.S. communities in the months to come, helping them complete their race to get a gigabit.”

Siklu’s Santa Cruz project is the latest in a string of projects involving network solutions for complex environmental locations where the construction of traditional infrastructure constitutes a problem due to terrain and building restrictions. Siklu recently installed their small scale products in a leading Ski resort, the Historical Baltimore harbor and an Arizona sports complex.

Siklu's EH-600 - Expedites flawless streaming (PRNewsFoto/Siklu Inc.)
Siklu’s EH-600 – Expedites flawless streaming (PRNewsFoto/Siklu Inc.)

In Santa Cruz the company will deploy mmWave radios on rooftops, building facades, poles and other points in the community.  The radios will be attached to exiting fiber from Cruzio. Using mmWave frequencies, the radios can transmit multiple gigabits reliably and with low latency, and no interference or congestion.

Siklu delivers a range of products with up to 2Gbps capacity millimeter wave wireless connectivity operating in the 60, 70/80 GHz bands. It considered one of the leading companies in the expanding field of E-band spectrum, E-Band spectrum (71-76 GHz, 81-86 GHz and 92-95 GHz) has clear technological and economic advantages making it an ideal solution for congestion issues.

It allows multi-Gigabit per second capacities far exceeding the 6-38 GHz bandwidth-limited frequencies. E-Band frequencies also have a relatively low atmospheric attenuation window, making them attractive for high capacity wireless transmissions.

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