Rafael to found a Brazilian-Israeli Cyber venture

17 April, 2016

The new joint venture of Rafael and the Brazilian Stefanini, will develop intelligence and cyber security solutions based on Rafael’s Cyber Dome concept

The new joint venture of Rafael and the Brazilian Stefanini, will focus on the development of intelligence and cyber security solutions based on Rafael’s Cyber Dome concept1

Rafael Advanced Security Systems plans to found a new subsidiary in collaboration with the Brazilian IT giant Stefanini. The new company will develop intelligence and cyber security systems. The future co-founders are awaiting regulatory permits to be issued in Brasil and in Israel. The formal agreement will be signed following acceptance of the regulatory approvals.

Mr. Carlos Alberto Costa, future CEO of the joint venture, said that the cooperation will be a breeding ground for the development of security solutions for industrial automation systems, “Especially now that the Internet of Things (IoT) has been highlighted by international consulting firms as one of the major technological trends for 2016, creating the necessity for new security architectures to identify, respond, block, and counterattack intrusion attempts against corporate systems.”.

Ariel Karo, Head of Cyber & Intelligence Directorate at Rafael, said that the cooperation will offer Brazilian companies the latest in cyber security and intelligence technologies, and “will develop the next generation of intelligence systems, data extraction and protection from cyber-attacks.”

Stefanini is a multinational IT services and Solutions Company founded 29 ago. It is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and operates in 39 countries around the globe, supplying consulting and integration services, solution development for financial markets, telecommunication, insurance and governmental companies. Stefanini ranked among the world’s 100 biggest IT companies.

Rafael enters the partnership with 15 years of cyber security experience. In recent years it has developed  holistic concept implemented in its Cyber Dome system: a dynamic, multi-layered and multi-dimensional shell, providing solutions to all – from states to organizations. Among other, the system was chosen by the Isreali government for the establishment of a national cyber control room.

According to Gertner, by 2016 more than 4.9 billion iitems will be connected to the internet, 30% more than in 2014. In 5 years, the Gertner expect the number to grow to 25 billion. There is no doubt that data security’s strategical importance and critical role will grow. Gertner’s research estimates that by 2017, more than 20% of world companies will use cyber security services to protect their cyber assets.

The cooperation between Rafael and Stefanini was demonstrated by a joint pavilion in the LAAD Security 2016 exhibition in Brazil.  In  the joint pavilion, the two companies exhibited the Wisdom Stone system – an intelligence analysis support system for automatic analysis of large amounts of data, as well as the Cyber Dome solution.

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