ForeSight considers using SCD’s IR detector

16 June, 2016

Foresight will try to integrate SCD’s sensors into its ADAS system. Both Foresight and SCD try to commercialize Israeli defense technologies

Foresight will try to integrate SCD’s sensors into its ADAS system. Both Foresight and SCD try to commercialize Israeli defense technologies


Israel based Foresight, a developer of ADAS systems has signed an unbinding agreement with SCD – another Israeli company, specializing in the development and production of infrared detectors – to examine possibleintegration of SCD technology into ForeSight’s ADAS systems. The companies will test whether SCD’s detectors and sensors can be integrated into ForeSight’s video processing software. According to the results of these tests, the companies will consider further future cooperation.

ForeSight was found only last year. The company is a subsidiary of Magna BSP, an Israeli defense technologies company. Magna has developed an Elctro-Opic radar system for perimeter security of borders and sensitive installations and infrastructure.  ForeSight’s ADAS system is actually based on the same unique technology used in Magna’s novel radar system – stereoscopy. Both perimeter security radar and ADAS system function similarly – two cameras cover the same field, thus supplying outstanding panoramic 3D imagery.

Foresight was founded in order to commercialize Magna’s defense technology, putting it to wide civilian use in the automotive field. ForeSight’s Eyes-On system supply the driver with 3D road imagery, alerting him vocally as well as visually of possible collisions with cars, pedestrians, bicyclists and other dangers. Forsight’s current market cap is $40 million. its stock has risen by 5.5% since January 2016.

Detectors for military and civilian applications

201432615503567_Big-300x201SCD develops infrared detectors for military and civilian applications. SCD’s detectors are integrated into many of Israel’s leading defense technology company Elbit products, such as night vision systems, surveillance systems and even into missile warheads. SCD’s detectors widely used in civilian applications as well. They can be found in EVS systems, fire detection and prevention systems and more.

SCD develops two kinds of detectors – cooled and uncooled detectors. Detectors are cooled in order to screen “background noises” and to enlarge warmth detection radius, sometimes by kilometers. Cooled detectors are bigger, more expensive and require lots of energy, while uncooled detectors are energy efficient, small and cheap, but have a limited detection radius.

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