Israeli BSecure develops a new counterfeit money detector

28 June, 2016

The B$ecure’s detector authenticates dollar bills in less than a second. BSecure develops a wide range of authentication and anti-counterfeiting solutions

bsecure1Cesarea, Israel based BSecure launched a new portable user-friendly counterfeit money detector that can speedily and accurately authenticate paper money. The current version of the device is customized for American dollar and Brazilian Real bills, but the Israeli company intends to widen its monetary range.

“The level of sophistication which characterizes the counterfeiters in recent years demands an equally sophisticated solution. Some of the more commonly used solutions are obsolete and it is time to move forward by tackling the problem with more advanced technologies,” says Allen Judis Engineering Manager at the B$ecure group.

While most of the counterfeit money detectors in use today are large, heavy and stationary, BSecure’s new counterfeit money detector is a small portable device and powered by battery. The device is easy to use and can be deployed in shops, stalls, ticket offices and more. The company noted that the device has passed various test, never issuing false alerts or failing to detect counterfeit money. The company has launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, selling the device for 89$.

BSecure was founded in 1999, after splitting from Israeli Pitkit labeling solutions, which still hold a share of BSecure’s ownership together with French printing solutions provider Arjo Solutions. the company develops a wide range of counterfeit technology solutions offering authentication solutions for government documents, ID cards, Passports and more. BSecure’s flagship product is the SecuSystem , a counterfeit protection system consisting of two parts – a unique security ink printer, and an optical reader for authentication.

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