Nano Dimension’s i3D PCB printer goes to defense

26 August, 2016

This is the first commercial beta testing for Nano dimension’s Dragonfly 2020 3D PCB printer. The deployment of the new printer in a defense company poses a major challenge due to strict standards in the defense industry

Years of development, cooperation’s and business contacts build up have finally calumniated into a first commercial tryout for Nes Ziona, Israel based 3D PCB printer developer Nano Dimensions. The company has announced it has supllied its Dragonfly 2020 printer to a renowned Israeli defense company. The printer will undergo a series of test in order to test if it complies with the strict standards maintained by the unnamed Israeli high-tech defense company. Nano dimension’s stock has gained 3.75% following the announcement.

The first commercial bete is of crucial importance for the Israeli PCB printer developer. Until now, the Dragonfly 2020 has only been tested in laboratory conditions. The product is not yet commercially distributed, and a successful deployment of the printer by a leading company could be an enormous achievement for Nanao dimensions, opening the door for large scale commercial distribution. In its announcement, the company has defined the deployment of the printer as a pilot, aimed to asses costs and functionality, a step towards upcoming commercial distribution.

A positive feedback will undoubtedly help the company to find further interested customers. Furthermore, the fact that a major company deems the product ripe for testing is a major vote of confidence in the Nano’s technology. “Today, only two years since our first fundraising and since our shares began trading on the TASE, we mark this important milestone of supplying our first system to a beta partner, enabling them to print multilayer electric circuits in several hours,” said Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension. “We look forward to completing production of more printers destined for additional partners and customers in Israel and around the world.”

A leading innovator in 3D printing Arena

Nano Dimensions developed the Dragonfly, a 3D printer enabling the use of advanced nanoparticle conductive and dielectric inks for rapid prototyping of complex multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs). The process is based on the use of polymeric materials to create insulating layers, and conductive silver ink for the electrical conductors.

Founded in 2012, Nano Dimension has a strong position in the emerging market of PCB 3D printing. Last month, the company and San Francisco based Fathom announced a collaboration on introduction of Nano Dimension’s Dragonfly 3D printer to the US. West cost – the very heart of American High-Tech industry.

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