Israeli AI analyst developer Revuze raises $4 million

1 September, 2016

The company applying artificial intelligence in the field of brand and product management raised $4 million. The company opens offices in San Francisco and New York Cityrevuze2

Revuze, an Israeli startup applying Artificial Intelligence technology in brand and product management has raised $4 million in a seed round, led by investors Nielsen, the NPD Group and TIC Group. Revuze announced it is entering into business development partnerships to introduce its AI-led technology to its investors’ customers. On the back of this investment, the company is expanding its U.S. operations by opening offices in San Francisco and New York City.

Revuze uses AI, powered by neural networks and machine learning, to empower the brand and product management industries that previously have relied on manually intensive solutions, such as text analytics, social listening and monitoring. These current solutions, requiring months to execute, demand teams of product experts, data scientists and analysts to construct and maintain rules, dictionaries and taxonomies before interpreting the findings. This process is slow, expensive, inefficient and easily skewed by misunderstanding or misinterpretation. Revuze removes these limitations, directly addressing the biases and other shortcomings of those managing such extreme volumes of data.

Revuze aims to provide customers with a simple solution based on contextual understanding and intelligence, Sentiment Analysis and machine learning. These are implemented in order to provide customers comprehensible, single screen data about customers and trends. “Revuze is transforming the way that companies track their corporate and product brands through the introduction of AI,” saidJohn Burbank, President, Strategic Initiatives, at Nielsen. “Now, they can easily gain detailed market and consumer intelligence, which enables them to be far more responsive to consumer perception and feedback.”

Revuze was founded by Ido Ramati, Eyal Strasburg and Yair Almog The company “graduated” from the Nielsen early-stage technological incubator, focusing on  market research, consumer behavior, data analytics, marketing and advertising solutions, campaign effectiveness measurement, big data, social, mobile and new media.

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