Israeli CellMining sells its SON solution to Russian MegaFon

20 December, 2016

The Israeli startup developed an energy saving module based on subscriber network analytics technology

Cesarea, Israel based startup CellMining, a developer of Self-Organizing Networks (SON) and subscriber network solution won an SON contract with Russian MegaFon. The Russian service tier 1 service provider will utilize CellMining’s Behavior-Based SON solution to optimize its network performance in the Moscow region and to improve subscriber experience.

Selectively shutting down radio power

CellMining’s product are based on Subscriber Network Analytics technology, it delivers a safe way of reducing operating costs by selectively shutting down radio power when traffic levels are low, without risking any degradation in the subscriber experience.
Initial roll-out can start with simple and rigid rules for shutting down and powering up radio amplifiers during pre-scheduled nightly slots. Once cell analytics have been established, a more sophisticated scheme can be introduced to filter and analyze subscribers’ usage patterns. The result is a set of precise, real-time subscriber/device profiles that can help make energy saving decisions, based on network technologies, bands, carriers, and even day-time slots.

Cellmining CEO Giora Snipper

MegaFon is Russia’s federal telecommunications service provider, a major player in the Russian, and the global telecommunication market. The company and its subsidiaries are active in most parts of the vast Russian territories, as well as in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Tajikistan. The company had over 76.8 million subscribers in 2015.

Each call is analyzed

“This new contract is a further affirmation that our unique subscriber experience-driven network optimization provides mobile operators with the competitive edge they need to retain customer loyalty,” said Greg Giora Snipper, CEO of CellMining. “With millions of subscribers across its 2G, 3G and 4G networks in Moscow, MegaFon has decided that CellMining offers the industry’s best SON solution, which can be flexibly deployed to deliver the excellent user experience its customers demand. We are also providing MegaFon with the unique ability to detect low quality calls on 2G and 3G as well as on the VoLTE service it is currently launching,” he added. “We are very pleased that this contract gives us potential for growth.”

“We are pleased to announce our cooperation with CellMining. Its product offers us considerable flexibility and the ability to customize its algorithms to the needs of our Moscow region network,” said Alexey Semenov, Director of the Stolichny Branch PJSC MegaFon. “I am confident that this technology will help us to provide 24/7 quality management on the scale of the entire network. It means that we will be able to instantaneously react to unexpected network fluctuations, and continuously provide the best voice and data services to our clients.”

CellMining was founded in 2013 by seasoned veterans of the Israeli telecommunication industry. The company co-founder and CEO Giora Snipper was a senior excutive at Redcomm, while co-founder and chairman Omer Geva founded and served as CEO of eGlue Business Technologies which was acquired by NICE Systems It developed the Analytics Subscriber Network technology. The company’s head of research is an expert in cellular networks specializing in network optimization. Jose has over 17 years of professional experience in RF engineering.

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