RADA Expects Significant Growth in Sales of Tactical Radars for Active Protection Systems

28 December, 2016

Israeli RADA Electronic Industries eyes the Active Protection Systems (APS) market as a major target for its future sales of its Compact Hemispheric Radar (CHR)

Netanya, Israel based Rada technologies, developer if the CHR tactical Radar, expects a significant growth in sales of tactical Radar for active protection systems, mainly from western armies. The APS market is a strategic market for RADA, accounting for most of the Israeli company’s revenues. Last month the company reported a 20% increase in q3 2016 revenues due to strong radar sales.

A multibillion market

The addressable APS market in the Western World is estimated at the tens of thousands of vehicles, implying a multi-billion dollar market potential for tactical radars that can perform such functions.

For the past decade, Israel was the only Western nation to apply APS technology on its main battle tanks. Recently, however, this global APS market is awakening. A few days ago, BAE Systems announced the award of a contract by the Dutch Army for the testing and verification of the Iron Fist APS for its CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, becoming the first NATO combat vehicles to receive APS which includes our technology. Furthermore, recent publications in the US press indicate the intention of the US Military to test and evaluate Active Protection Systems for its tanks and Armored Fighting Vehicles. Hence, we are excited with our potential and look forward to a strong growth in our APS tactical radar sales over the coming years.

Rada’s CHR radar for active defense systems

RADA’s Compact Hemispheric Radar (CHR) platform, developed to address the needs of the APS market, is an S-band, software-defined, pulse-Doppler, active electronically scanned array radar. The radar system introduces sophisticated beam forming capabilities and advanced signal processing, which can provide various missions on each radar platform and offers an unprecedented performance-to-price ratio. It is compact and mobile, enabling hostile fire detection capabilities for combat vehicles and providing critical targeting information for APS.

The CHR is incorporated into IMI Systems’ “Iron Fist” family of APS and has undergone hundreds of live fire tests. Recently RADA delivered CHRs to Artis, to be integrated and tested with its“Iron Curtain” close-in APS.

Dov Sella, Rada’s CEO, commented: “We have developed the CHR to meet the highest requirements of active protection systems. The global APS market is gaining strong momentum; we believe that as a result, new and significant business opportunities will come across RADA in the near future”.

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