Israeli Inomize designs ASICs for Nano-Retina’s bionic retina

19 January, 2017

Inomize, a provider of turnkey ASIC design solutions, revealed it was selected by Nano-Retina for the design of their bionic retina ASICs

Natanya, Israel based Inomize was selected by Nano-Retina to develop their ASICs, designed for revolutionary sight restoration product. Inomize was responsible for the analog design, verification, and back-end work. The Nano Retina solution is built from 2 ASIC components consist of mixed signal electronic circuitry, CMOS photo-sensors and IR recipients. The ASIC, implementing Nano-Retina 3DNi Technology was successfully delivered.

Nano Retina product incorporates various miniature components in one tiny implant, approximating the size of a child’s fingernail bed. The Implant aims to  replace the natural functions of  diseased retina with sophisticated artificial retina technology that mimics the natural physiological processes as much as possible.

Udi Shaked, Inomize CEO said that this was a challenging project, that perfectly suits the Inomize broad portfolio of ASIC capabilities like analog, system design and verification. Yaakov Milstain, Nano-Retina’s CEO: “ We selected Inomize after being convinced that they are the most suitable partner for such an interdisciplinary ASIC work. We are delighted with the outcome.”

Inomize is a leading provider of turnkey ASIC and SoC designs and specializes in managing complex ASIC projects. Inomize’ services includes system definition, architecture, algorithm, digital, verification, analog mixed signal, RF, synthesis backend, manufacturing and silicon validation. Inomize’ comprehensive expertise in semiconductors covers advanced CPU subsystems, a variety of modems (wireless and wire-line), video and imaging.

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