Renesas R-Car Starter Kit Adopted by Linux Foundation

11 June, 2017

"By adopting the Renesas R-Car Starter Kit as one of our standard reference platforms, developers will be able to develop applications using the AGL Unified Code Base”

Renesas R-Car Starter Kit

By: Hila Lifshitz

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced that its R-Car Starter Kit will be adopted by Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) as one of its standard reference platforms for software development. AGL,  a Project at The Linux Foundation, is a collaborative open source project that is bringing together automakers, suppliers and technology companies to build a Linux-based, open software platform for automotive applications. AGL aims  to build a single platform for the entire industry that’s 70-80% of the starting point for a production project and to develop an ecosystem of developers, suppliers, expertise all using a single platform.

Standard Reference Platform

Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of Automotive Grade Linux in The Linux Foundation said that Renesas is active supporter of open source and understands the impact of Automotive Grade Linux across the industry. “By adopting the Renesas R-Car Starter Kit as one of our standard reference platforms, developers will be able to quickly and easily develop applications using the AGL Unified Code Base.”

The R-Car Starter Kit supports the Unified Code Base (UCB) 3.0, which the AGL project released in January 2017. The R-Car Starter Kit enables the up-to-date 64-bit software development environment, which unlike the earlier 32-bit environment, allows the latest IT solutions, including container technology,  to be applied to automotive applications.

Ecosystem of 190 companies

Software developers can easily maintain IVI software development with the latest software development environment platform. This platform and board access, along with the support provided by the free-of charge Renesas libraries and the R-Car ecosystem that consists of over 190 companies, allows software developers to quickly develop IVI application software and reduce costs.

Masahiro Suzuki, Head of Automotive Information Solution Business Division in Renesas Electronics said that R-Car Starter Kit has been adopted as one of the standard reference platforms by the AGL project. “Software developers will now have access to both R-Car Starter Kit hardware and AGL Unified Code Base, which allows them to put all their efforts into developing even higher level specialized software. Renesas hopes to contribute to increasing the pace of innovation of new IVI developments across the industry.”

Two additional IVI development expansion boards from a Renesas partner that can be used with the R-Car Starter Kit will be available from July 2017 . The standard expansion board includes multiple displays and a wide range of network interfaces and the advanced model provide interfaces that can be expanded to up to eight channels of camera input as well as high-speed/large-capacity storage.

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