Ecoppia Completes $13 Million Funding for Solar Panel Robots

17 December, 2017

Ecoppia invented a robotic technology for automated cleaning of solar panel in alternative power plants. The raised capital will help to meet sharp product demand in large scale projects


The developer robotics cleaning solutions of photovoltaic solar panel, Ecoppia, completed a $13 million round of funding, led by both existing investors – Swarth Group, GlenRock and Gandyr, and Israel’s largest insurance group, Harel Group. The Herzlia, Israel, based Ecoppia, has developed an automated technology to remove dust from panels on a daily basis to ensure peak output, even in the toughest desert conditions. Ecoppia cleaning robots use a patented water-free cleaning process to remove dust frpm the panels, utilizing advanced data analysis and machine learning for a unique performance and maintenance optimization.

It has already gained experience cleaning over 200 million solar panels worldwide, belong to some of the largest energy players including Engie Group, EDF, NTPC, Actis Group, Adani Power, SunEdison/Terraform and more. The Company’s pipeline is expected to top 2GW in 2018. Lately Ecoppia ranked in the top ten of Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 50. With a growth rate of over 1600% in the past four years, Ecoppia is probably  the fastest growing cleantech company in Israel. “The addition of Harel Group to the company’s investors cement Ecoppia’s market position as a viable solution for large-scale solar projects,” said Eran Meller, CEO and Co-founder of Ecoppia.

Energy free Autonomous Robot

The company’s E4 robot removes 99% of soiling on a daily basis using a combination of three factors: A special microfiber that gently wipes soiling away, controlled airflow over the panel surface, and gravity to ensure soiling is moved downwards and off panel rows. The robots do not need external energy sources: They have their own on-board dedicated solar module, allowing the batteries to get quickly charged every morning. A patented eco hybrid technology developed to facilitate a minimal use of the batteries.

The Robot’s sensors collect weather data, and initiate cleanings based on weather conditions. Machine-learning software optimize the E4’s own maintenance schedule – ensuring that the E4 has over 99% availability for the lifetime of your site. It comes with a remote management system that monitors and manages the E4 fleet on-site from anywhere in the world. It is also enhanced by a simple SMS interface, allowing to send commands and receive status updates from a mobile phone.

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