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3 January, 2018

SolidRun collaborates with Google Cloud, helps businesses unlock insights from global device networks with the new MACCHIATObin ClearCloud 8K. It was specifically designed to work with Google's Cloud IoT Core

SolidRun's MACCHIATObin

SolidRun from Yokne’am, Israel, announced that it’s new embedded computer, MACCHIATObin™ ClearCloud 8K, gives support for the public beta of Google Cloud IoT Core, a fully managed service on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to connect and manage IoT devices at large scale. Cloud IoT Core is now publicly available to all users in beta, including new features and pricing plan.

SolidRun’s MACCHIATObin™ ClearCloud 8K, is based on a Marvell ARMADA A8040 SoC, and features a quad core Arm Cortex A-72 1.6GHz processor. It also cincluds 4GB DDR DIMM4 memory (16GB optional), dual 10GbE, MicroSD connectors, 3 x SATA 3.0, USB 3.0 and a PCIex4 3.0 slot. MACCHIATObin™ ClearCloud 8K comes with a unique fanless GCP enclosure, and accessories for a price tag of $399.

It was specifically designed to work with Google’s Cloud IoT Core, to allow users to easily and securely connect to GCP. The solution has been developed in collaboration with Sartura Ltd., a specialized open source developer and integrator for embedded applications, in conjunction with Marvell. “It is only natural that a leading edge computing and gateway solution provider like SolidRun will complement its offering with an easy access to cloud services such as Google Cloud Platform,” said Dr. Atai Ziv, SolidRun’s CEO.

Cloud IoT Core was announced on September 2017 and is now operating on a Beta phase. This is a fully managed service that allows cotumers to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from millions of globally dispersed devices. Cloud IoT Core, in combination with other services on Google Cloud IoT platform, provides a complete solution for collecting, processing, analyzing, and visualizing IoT data in real time.

Established in 2010, SolidRun is a global leading developer and manufacturer of System on Modules (SOMs), Single Board Computers (SBCs), Industrial PCs, edge devices and embedded systems. Its embedded solutions are based on ARM and x86 architecture and combine hardware, software packages, drivers and support for major operating systems. Among its clients: Beoing, Google, Ericsson, Dell, Sony and more.

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