Nova Launched a Machine Learning Software for Metrology Modelling

11 January, 2018

With this new supplement, Nova's Fleet Management is now connecting all of Nova's metrology fleet into a unified big data cluster that applies smart algorithms to improve measurements' accuracy


Nova (Nasdaq: NVMI), the provider of metrology solutions for process control in the semiconductor manufacturing, today launched its Artificial Intelligent software NOVAFit™. The new engine enhances traditional modelling capabilities with advanced machine learning algorithms. The company said that the new software improves metrology capabilities and accelerates time to solution in complex 3D and High Aspect Ratio devices.

“NOVAFit utilizes fleet-wide information to provide adaptive advanced metrology solutions based on continuous training. The new suite of software will complement all of Nova’s fleet and will work in conjunction with Nova’s advanced modelling engine -NovaMARS.”

The new solution embeds machine learning and big data architecture into optical modelling. The platform was designed to interface with other process control tools. With this new supplement, Nova’s Fleet Management is now connecting all of Nova’s metrology fleet into a unified big data cluster. It applies smart algorithms to improve the measurements’ accuracy and process feedback across multiple fabrication steps. “Our new modelling software engine is significantly enhancing the way customers utilize metrology process control schemes,” said Dr. Udi Cohen, Nova’s Dimensional Metrology Division Head.

“Through the development of this solution, we utilize our process insights knowledge, big data analytics and the most advanced industry grade machine learning capabilities. Combined with NovaMARS modelling software, we can provide our customers with better, faster, more accurate and robust measurements for process monitoring and yield improvement, while reducing overall metrology complexity.”

On December 2017, Nova from Rehovot, Israel, have launched two new optical metrology solutions, the Nova i550 integrated metrology and Nova T600MMSR stand-alone metrology, designed to the production lines of advanced Memory and Logic circuits. The i550 integrated is using newly designed optical metrology head to enable better measurements of complex 3D devices. It has been qualified with major process equipment vendors on 3D and thin film applications at leading Integrated Circuit (IC) manufacturers.

The new T600MMSR (Multi-Measurement Spectral Reflectometry) enhances Nova’s stand-alone metrology performance by adding unique channels of information to its newly designed optical unit. It has been qualified by multiple leading IC manufacturers and is being deployed in their advanced R&D and production lines.

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