AudioCodes Announced a new Voice.AI Business Unit

24 January, 2018

The Voice.AI business unit will add to AudioCodes’ speech recognition and call recording technologies, an artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights from business voice communications

Shabtai Adlersberg, CEO of AudioCodes

AudioCodes from Lod, Israel, takes the move from Regular VoIP solutions into Artifial Intelligence (AI). The company announced today the opening of its new Voice.AI business unit, which will utilize AI technologies to deliver conversational analytics, productivity and actionable insights for businesses. The new business unit will operate in parallel to the existing Voice Networking unit which constitutes the core of AudioCodes’ business operations. It builds on current AudioCodes Voca speech recognition technology and SmartTAP call recording solutions.

Verbal communications remain the most effective method for complex and critical business transactions and conversations. Yet, most verbal communication is not recorded and is not converted into actionable insights to enhance business productivity. AudioCodes SmartTAP provides enterprises with session recording of IM, voice, video and content sharing for compliance and productivity improvement. Developed over the past seven years, SmartTAP has been adopted largely by financial and utility companies, as well as healthcare and educational institutions.

“We at AudioCodes pride ourselves as a leading provider of voice DNA to the evolving digital workplace. Voice is the most fundamental form of human communications” said Shabtai Adlersberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of AudioCodes (Photo above). “We believe that verbal business communications represent untapped potential for productivity enhancements and actionable insights. With the new Voice.AI business unit, we are leveraging our large install base and extensive technological know-how to enable large enterprises to realize business benefits from day-to-day conversations.”

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