Corephotonics and Sunny to Collaborate on Dual Camera

20 February, 2018

The new partnership combines Sunny’s automatic manufacturing capacity with Corephotonics’ unique IP of knowledge of dual camera modules

Corephotonics dual camera module

Corephotonics from Tel Aviv has partnered with China’s leading camera module integrator, Sunny Optical, to bring to market advanced dual camera solutions. They plan to pack dual camera modules, image processing algorithms and computer vision software for superior image quality. Under the agreement, Sunny has already shipped millions of dual camera solutions powered by Corephotonics IP to various smartphone OEMs, including Xiaomi, OPPO and others.

The new partnership combines Sunny’s automatic manufacturing capacity with Corephotonics’ knowledge of optics, camera mechanics and computational imaging. This strategic license agreement covers various dual camera products, including typical wide + tele cameras, as well as various folded dual camera offerings, allowing an increased zoom factor, optical stabilization and a reduced module height.

The partnership allows Sunny to act as a one-stop-shop dual camera vendor. The collaboration leverages Sunny’s manufacturing lead and strong presence in the Chinese dual-camera market, and Corephotonics’ innovation in camera designs and computational photography algorithms. “We have experimented with virtually all dual camera innovations introduced in recent years,” said Cerberus Wu, Senior Marketing Director of Sunny Optical.

Dual-aperture Zoom Camera

“Corephotonics dual camera technologies give the greatest contribution in camera performance and user experience. Their dual camera architecture also comply with high volume production and harsh environmental requirements.” Corephotonics is a pioneer of dual camera technologies for mobile devices. The company was established in 2012 by serial entrepreneurs Professor David Mendlovic, Dr. Gal Shabtay, Eran Kali, Dr. Noy Cohen and Ephraim Goldenberg and has raised more than $50 million, from several funds and strategic investors, including Samsung Ventures and MediaTek.

Corephotonics introduced in 2014 the first dual-aperture zoom cameras, in which one camera has a wide FoV (Field of View) and the other has a narrow FoV (a telephoto camera). This solution enables the user to switch between the wide and tele cameras to attain optical zoom, all the while maintaining a continuous zoom experience through image processing algorithms. The dual aperture configuration lends itself to additional benefits, such as depth perception and image fusion capabilities.

Starting in September 2016, various market leaders have adopted this zoom dual camera design concept, including Apple (iPhone 7 Plus), OPPO (R11), OnePlus (OnePlus 5), Xiaomi (Mi 6), Asus (ZenFone 4) and others. Today, dual aperture zoom camera technology is quickly becoming the mobile imaging solution of choice.

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