Kado and Dongyang E&P will Develop the Thinnest Laptop Charger

12 March, 2018

The two companies will invest $2 million in the project: 8mm thick mobile charger with 65 Watts capacity


The Israeli start-up Kado (www.kado.tech), which has developed an innovative ultra-thin charging technology, has announced its first overseas cooperation agreement: Kado is collaborating with South Korea’s Dongyang E&P to complete the development of the world’s thinnest charger for laptops, which will also become the world’s first folded charger for laptops. The two companies will invest $2 million in the project, of which $1 million was obtained from KORIL-RDF, the Korea-Israel Industrial Research and Development Foundation, a joint foundation of the Israel and South Korea.

Dongyang E&P, which supplies chargers for the electronics giant Samsung, is a public company listed on Korea’s KOSDAQ exchange. It has 2,285 employees, and reported a turnover of approximately $392.3 million in 2016. The joint work will be undertaken at Kado’s development center in Israel and in Seoul in South Korea, and is projected to take about 14 months.

Kado was founded in May 2016 by Daniel Assis, Itay Hasid, and other partners. In February 2017, the company raised $1.2 million with the participation of AltaIR Capital. The company unveiled the thinnest wall chargers of its kind – a 5mm thick wall charger for smartphones and tablets and the world’s first foldable charger for laptops. Prior to Kado, they have founded Mobeego that developed and marketed a disposable charger for mobile devices. In June 2016 Mobeego was sold to Life Clips Inc. from the US for $6 million.

Kado and Dongyang E&P’s laptop charger is designed to be just 8mm thick, to  supply 65 Watts and includes two USB ports for simultaneously charging. “The strategic cooperation with Dongyand E&P is the first stage in realizing Kado’s vision to replace the current cumbersome chargers and transformers with compact products fitted for the mobile lifestyle,” said Daniel Assis, the CEO of Kado. “We plan to raise additional capital in 2018 and promote collaborations with more companies in vringing this technology to the market.”

Watch the video about Kado’s technology: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKCQBv_FRxA


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