Terafence and CRI will develop IoT Security Chip

26 March, 2018

Techtime has learned that TFence cyber solution is still in the FPGA phase, with plans to move to ASIC for mass production and on-camera installations


The Japanese CRI Middleware has made a $2M equity investment and business alliance with Terafence from Haifa, Israel, who develops cyber security solution for IoT/IIoT devices. Terafence’s TFence product is a hardware-based solution to enable a physical data direction control and filtering in application layers. Techtime has learned that this technology is in the FPGA phase, with plans to move to ASIC for mass production.

CRI developed the video compression technology, DietCoder for the growing network surveillance camera market. The two companies plan a combined hardware solution to be installed inside CRI’s cameras, and to provide high level cyber security for IoT, ICS/SCADA networks. Hezi Erez, founder & CEO of Terafence commented, “The IoT market is predicted to reach 50 billion devices by 2020 (CISCO). Surveillance cameras, that are widely used as IoT devices, need to be protected from hacking.

“It is well known that video cameras were the focus of many large DDoS cyber-attacks as demonstrated, for example, in the case of the October 2016, east cost of the USA, hackers that used the security cameras as botnet. At the same time the protection should not involve video quality reduction, a combination that provides additional value. CRI and Terafence will develop an optimal solution to secure networks which involve remote surveillance system.”

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