Epsilor to Provide Canadian Armed Forces with Battery Charging Solution

6 May, 2018

Epsilor’s $3 million contract is to develop and deliver 400 multi-channel tactical chargers, spares and services, with options for up to an additional 350 chargers over the next four years

Epsilor-Electric Fuel from Dimona, Israel, has won a tender from the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) worth approximately US $3 million in its initial phase. Epsilor is a part of Arotech Corporation’s Power Systems Division.  The Company will develop and provide an new kind of chargers needed to meet the operational and technical needs of the Canadian Armed Forces Integrated Soldier System Suite (ISS-S) Program.

The contract includes 400 charger units, spares and other services, as well as options to order up to an additional 350 chargers within the next four years. The Canadian Armed Forces are among the most active NATO-member militaries, with a full-service record in all recent major NATO conflict areas, including the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as in worldwide UN peace keeping missions.

The Canadian ISS Program aims to equip thousands of dismounted soldiers with state-of-the-art C4I systems that include battle management system, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and target acquisition equipment. As ISS energy components support all wearable electronic equipment in long dismounted operations, the Canadian Armed Forces identified battery recharging as a critical capability of the ISS and decided to obtain a dedicated multi-channel charger that will support its soldiers in the field, in vehicles, in forward operating bases and for high volume recharging of thousands of batteries simultaneously.

The new charger offered by Epsilor supports the LI-145/LI-80 family and BB-2525/U conformal wearable batteries used by the Canadian forces, as well as by various NATO armed forces. Epsilor’s solution is based on a 12-channel charger, packed in a rugged tactical case that will enable soldiers to charge large numbers of batteries in depot as well as in the field and in moving vehicles (“charge on the move”).

The chargers are able to receive power from different sources such as an electric grid and different vehicle sources with flexible input voltage, is intended to improve tactical flexibility and the energy independence of its users. Epsilor’s product range is being used by leading military customers worldwide including NATO forces, Israel Defense Forces and other military customers in Asia and South America. Among its product lines: Epsilor offers a complete range of standard batteries and chargers compatible with leading popular NATO equipment such as LI-145 series, BB-2590 series and batteries for Harris and Thales handheld radios (PRC-152/PRC-148).


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