Xioami to Integrate Mantis Vision’s 3D Camera in Mi8

3 June, 2018

Mantis Vision's technology is based on a patented structured light and a smart decoding algorithm which produce the many depth points with high quality

Xiaomi plans to introduce a smartphone 3D camera based on the structured light technology developed by Mantis Vision from Petah Tikva. The two companies announced a strategic partnership. As part of the collaboration, Xiaomi will integrate a 3D camera, operated by Mantis Vision, as the 3D front camera in the company’s flagship device Mi8, which was announced last week by Xioami at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara California.

Xiomi’s new Mi8 device is the world’s first Android device with integrated 3D imaging and scanning capabilities. Mantis Vision’s technology will enable these capabilities in Android devices for the first time ever, which will allow to scan face scanning and recognition, face 3D capturing for a secure ePayment and other features that have so far only been available with 2D image analysis software. Moreover, the new technology will enable Augmented Reality features both for end users as well as for developers.

Mantis Vision’s technology is based on a patented structured light and a smart decoding algorithm which produce the many depth points with high quality. Its technology allows a 4mm thickness camera, making it suitable for any form factor, including; mobile, smart connected devices, multi-camera volumetric solutions and professional hand-held scanners. The company says that its coded pattern, yields at least 4 times more critical features density, relative to competitors. The result is a high resolution of 120K points when using 1M sensor, or 40K points when using a VGA Sensor.

According to Gur Arie Bittan, founder and CEO of Mantis Vision: “Shrink optical stack and size from centimeters to millimeters, incorporate Vcel lasers that were still nascent technologies at the time, meet OEM’s power consumption needs and conform with eye safety regulations.”

Lately, Mantis Vision and China Luenmei Quantum Co Ltd, a publicly traded company in Shanghai, recently joined forces and created a Joint Venture named “Tang Lang” which is Mantis Vision exclusive partner for the Greater China market. Tang Lang is located in Beijing and Shanghai.

The Xiaomi Mi8 includes a 6.2in OLED screen (2248×1080) from Samsung, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor with 6GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It employs dual 12Mp rear cameras and a 20Mp front camera that uses Mantis Vision IP to provide 3D Face Unlock, even in dark conditions.

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