Sky and Space Global received EU grant for M2M via nano-satellites

9 October, 2018

"2019 is going to be a transformational year for Sky and Space Global with the first launch and start delivering commercial services"

Sky and Space Global has been awarded a 1.25m Polish Zloti R&D grant by the EU to develop a concept for M2M devices and smart grids operated via the SAS nano-satellite constellation. The project includes collaboration with the Faculty of Electronics at the Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland. The goal is to disrupt the M2M and smart grid market by giving network operators in remote locations easier access to telecommunication connectivity.

Sky and Space Global is an ASX listed (SAS) with European and Israeli centers. It operates a communications infrastructure based on nano-satellite and software systems to control the satellites in orbit and to handle the global communication network in space, based on its fleet of nano-satellites. In June 2017 SAS successfully launched the first three nano-satellites, and is preparing for the launch of 200 more nano-satellites by 2020.

Sky and Space Global was founded in 2015 by three Israeli space experts: Meir Moalem, the company’s Managing Director and CEO; Meidad Pariente, CTO, and Yonatan Sharma, VP Business Development. The company’s operations are managed from Israel. So far, it has secured a number of binding MoU agreements with telco operators: Briskcom from Brazil, SkyX from Canada who remotely operates autonomous vehicles for its large number of clients.

SAS and Penteon will work together to explore how SAS’ connectivity platform can be incorporated into the projects currently underway by Penteon on industrial sensing solutions for locomotives, rail cars and track-side equipment, and a cooperation with Surge Telecom will explore the use of nano-satellite for wireless telecommunications services in Latin American and the Caribbean Region. A cooperation agreement with Unizen Technologies from India will explore the use of SAS proprietary terminals as a backhaul for cattle tracking service in Nigeria.

Meir Moalem, Sky and Space Global CEO,  said that the European R&D project will be done in cooperation with the electronics team at the Wroclaw University in Poland. “Research is the lifeblood of innovation.” He added that “2019 is going to be a transformational year for Sky and Space Global with the first Pearls set to launch and start delivering commercial services to our growing list of customers.”

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