Moshe Gavrielov Joins the Board of Foretellix

28 February, 2019

Foretellix has developed a verification framework for Autonomous Cars based on concepts brought from VLSI verification. Gavrielov has served as CEO of Xilinx for 10 years

The former President and CEO of Xilinx, Moshe Gavrielov, joins the Board of Directors of the Tel aviv based Foretellix. During his 10 years tenure ended in 2018 as the leader of Xilinx, Moshe redefined its strategy and drove the company through a broad transformation process bringing it to record annual revenues of $2.54 billion in 2018 and market cap valuation of approximately $20B. Today he also serves as an Executive Chairman of Wind River Systems and Member of the TSMC BOD Compensation Committee.

Foretellix has developed a verification framework for Autonomous Cars, based on approaches brought from the field of VLSI chip design. its Coverage Driven Verification Platform is based on a proprietary Scenario Description Language (SDL), planned to be an open language capable to generate billions of scenarios in order to verify the compliance of Autonomous Vehicles to regulatory and operational demands.

Foretellix is founded by a team of experienced VLSI verification experts. The Founder and CTO, Yoav Hollander, founded Verisity where he invented the “e” verification language. Verisity that was acquired by Cadence Design Systems for $315 million. The CEO Ziv Binyamini also sterted in Verisity, and later served as Corporate VP for simulation and verification business at Cadence and led the development of Verification IP. They all know each other very well: Gavrielov was the CEO of Verisity and closed the deal with Cadence.

Foretellix Founders Yoav Hollander (left) and Ziv Binyamini
Foretellix Founders Yoav Hollander (left) and Ziv Binyamini

“I am honored to welcome Moshe to the board of directors,” said Ziv Binyamini, CEO of Foretellix. “Moshe has not only led a multi-billion dollar company, but has previously worked with many of the Foretellix leaders to build a successful start-up focused on measurable verification.” Gavrielov said that Foretellix will help shape the future of mobility. “I strongly believe in the ability of this leadership team to enable measurable safety, removing the largest barrier to the broad deployment of autonomous vehicles.”

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