Semiconductors Sales Declined 13% in Q1 2019

2 May, 2019

Worldwide sales of semiconductors totaled $96.8 billion during Q1-2019. "Sales in March decreased on a year-to-year basis across all major regional markets and semiconductor product categories"

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) announced that worldwide sales of semiconductors totaled $96.8 billion during the first quarter of 2019, a decrease of 15.5 percent over the previous quarter and 13 percent less than the first quarter of 2018. Global sales for the month of March 2019 were $32.3 billion, a dip of 1.8 percent compared to the previous month’s total and 13 percent less than sales from March 2018. Monthly sales are compiled by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) and represent a three-month moving average. SIA represents U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing, design, and research.

“Global semiconductor sales slowed during the first quarter of 2019, falling short of the previous quarter and Q1 of last year by double-digit percentages,” said John Neuffer, SIA president and CEO. “Sales in March decreased on a year-to-year basis across all major regional markets and semiconductor product categories, consistent with the cyclical trend the global market has experienced recently.”

New report from IC Insights portrays the same trend: In its McClean Report from April 30, The market research company concluded that worldwide IC sales declined 17.6% in the 1Q19/4Q18 period, and declined approximately 9% compared to Q1/2018. Worldwide silicon wafer area shipments dropped 5.6 percent during the first quarter 2019 when compared to the fourth quarter 2018 and are now at their lowest level since the fourth quarter of 2017 after silicon wafer shipments for the most recent quarter declined 1% quarter-over-quarter, according to the SEMI Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG) in its quarterly analysis of the silicon wafer industry.

Total silicon wafer area shipments fell to 3,051 during the first quarter from 3,234 million square inches in the previous quarter. “Global silicon wafer shipment volumes started the year at a slightly lower level when compared to the historic highs experienced last year,” said Neil Weaver, chairman SEMI SMG. Silicon wafers are the fundamental building material for semiconductors, which, in turn, are vital components of virtually all electronics goods, including computers, telecommunications products, and consumer electronics.

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