GDC to build a $30 million Underground Data Center

2 April, 2020

The new protected underground data center will serve the large high-tech ecosystem located in Petah Tikva, north of Tel Aviv

Global Data Center is planning an investment of approximately $30 million for its second data center in Israel, to be built in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv. In its initial stage, the highly secured underground site will encompass 6,000 square meters, and powered by a 15-megawatt supply of electricity. GDC plans to complete the construction phase in the end of 2020 and launch commercial operations during 2021. The company expects to double its area in the near future to 12,000 square meters, due to market demand.

Currently, GDC is operating a 6,000 square meters protected underground data center in Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv. The Petah Tikva data center is being built in accordance with Tier 3 Uptime global standard. It will include dedicated hosting domains that are tailored-made for the specific requirements of each customer, and offer DRP/BCP (Disaster Recovery Plan/Business Continuity Plan) services.

Global Data Center Founder and CEO Moshe Lasman (photo above) said that the new data center will serve the large high-tech ecosystem located in Petah Tikva. “Technology companies, financial institutions, and multinational organizations in Israel understand the value embodied in the hosting of their IT and telecommunications infrastructure at a secure external site. We project a large demand for hosting services at the new Petah Tikva site.”

Global Data Center was founded in 2013 by Moshe Lasman in cooperation and with the financial backing of the Viola Group and GlenRock, a private equity firm. Lasman served in the past as the director of IBM Israel’s outsourcing division and the director of HP Global Services in Israel.

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