SolarEdge to Mass produce full EV Powertrains

26 December, 2020

Has built a manufacturing capacity in Italy to be ready for a mass production of thousands of full powertrain units to a known automotive OEM during 2021

Above: SolarEdge powertrain kits for buses and commercial vehicles

Since it was established in 2006, SolarEdge Technologies has built a strong reputation of a quality provider of optimized inverter solutions for photovoltaic (PV) systems, bringing it ti a total sales of $338.1 million in the third quarter 2020. But but now the company eyes a much bigger and  competitive market: full powertrain solutions for Electric Vehicles.

This week the company appointed SehWoong Jeong as Chief Executive Officer of its subsidiary, Kokam. Prior to joining SolarEdge, he served as General Manager & Executive VP for Automotive Batteries at Samsung SDI, leading a large scale lithium-ion battery and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) business. Headquartered in South Korea, Kokam is a provider of Lithium-ion battery cells, batteries and energy storage solutions. It was acquired by SolarEdge in 2018.

In June, 2020, it appointed Carsten Schmidt to General Manager of its e-Mobility Division, which was established following the acquisition of the Italian S.M.R.E in July 2019. Carsten has more than a decade of experience in the automotive industry, with a focus in electric vehicles, and has held the position of Vice President of Sales in the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Business Unit of Continental AG.

Today, SolarEdge e-mobility division brings to the market a complete powertrain kits for buses and commercial vehicles. It includs electric motors, Lithium-Ion battery modules, High Voltage DC/DC converters, On-Board-Chargers, telematics and more. During the last quarters, it had built manufacturing capacity in Italy that includes an increase in the number of employees, to be prepared to deliver the first batch of full powertrain solutions to a known automotive OEM.

During the earnings call following Q3 results report, the CEO Zvi Lando said the company has made “a meaningful step into the e-Mobility market. During 2020, 10s of electrical vehicles powered by our powertrain units went through an extensive qualification process. In the fourth quarter, we expect to deliver an additional 100-200 kits as mass production is scheduled to begin.” According to his estimation, “SolarEdge will produce thousands of units in the next 6-12 months.”

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