PCB Technologies to produce 1 mil PCBs

3 February, 2021

The company has developed the capability to produce multi layer PCBs consisting of 25 microns width conductors. “We are among the first in Europe and the US to provide this capability”

PCB Technologies from Migdal Ha’emek (North of Israel) is ready to begin the production of high density Printed Circuit Boards for its cotumers in Israel and abroad. During the last couple of years it had developed the capability to produce very thick conductor’s width and spacing , of up to just 25 microns (1 mil).  During the project, PCB Technologies has established its own research and development experise in this technology and purchased unique equipment modified to the company’s specifications, using about a 20 million shekel investment.

According to the Vice President Of Marketing, Arik Einhorn, this move will allow the company to provide production services for costumers in Israel, Europe and the US, and to get ready for the next level of its technology roadmap: placing chips directly on Printed Circuit BoardS (Chip on Board). Arik Einhorn: “We are not a regular High Mix Low Volume company – we are also a High Performance solutions provider.”

Gainig foothold in Europe and the US

“We have noticed that our technology is highly advanced compared with Europe, and therefore we decided to strengthen this advantage in order to gain more foothold in the European market and in the US. One of the components of this move is creating the capability to produce 1 mil PCBs, which does not exist in the US and almost doesn’t exist in Europe. In fact, we found out that it exists today mostly in China and Taiwan because of the cellphone manufacturing done there. Only now the US government has decided that it needs to invest in creating 1 mil capability in the US.

“In this sense, PCB Technology will be among the first companies in the West Hemisphare to have this technology”. He relayed that the decision was made following an in depth process of research and talking with customers. “Our technology roadmap was determined during a series of focused meetings that we held with select customers in order to understand their needs and expectations.”

The roadmap was defined by the costumers

“These customers manufacture elite technologies for advanced radar systems, UAVs, minimally invasive medical equipment and more. We presented them with different options for advancement of our technologies, and they provided us with feedback about their needs. We defined our top goals based on those meetings. Some of them are already starting to plan future products based on our capability to produce 1 mil PCBs”.

A horizontal cut of 1 mil test board, that was produced at PCB Technologies
A horizontal cut of 1 mil test board, that was produced at PCB Technologies

PCB Technologies is an All-in-One solution provider for the fabrication of high reliability, multi-layer printed circuit boards and top-level assemblies (PCBA), mainly for defense, aerospace, healthcare, RF/microwave and telecom sectors. Today they employ approximatly 750 people. The company is is traded in the Tel Aviv Stock Market at market value of about 360 million shekels. Its major shareholder (48%) is Tel Aviv based FIMI Opportunity Funds.

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