Humanetics and Foretellix Bridge the Gap Between Virtual and Physical Test Flows for ADAS and ADS

22 March, 2021

Joint Live Demonstration at AAA Northern California’s GoMentum Station is Planned for May 2021, Displaying a Complete Virtual and Physical Verification and Validation Flow

Humanetics, one of the world’s leading providers of active safety testing equipment and services, and Foretellix, a leading provider of Verification & Validation (V&V) platforms for Automated Driving Systems, demonstrate a joint toolchain that bridges the gap and allows for correlation between virtual and physical testing. The demonstration, in a video released last week (Humanetics and Foretellix Video), will be followed up by a live event in May of this year at the AAA Northern California’s GoMentum Station in California.

The new joint offering combines physical and virtual testing of Automated Driving Assisted Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving Systems (ADS). This will help OEMs and Tier 1s reduce development and validation costs while accelerating regulated and non-regulated testing to ensure safety and compliance, taking into account the ever-growing complexity of ADAS and ADS.

In the mentioned video released today, the companies showcase a complete Verification & Validation cycle of a scenario for testing ADAS. The scenario is first defined on Foretellix’s verification platform, Foretefiy™, using M-SDL, an open-source productivity language invented by Foretellix. This abstract scenario is then utilized by Foretify ™ to automatically create thousands of meaningful tests that can be sent to different test platforms (e.g. simulators, HIL, test tracks). In the demonstration, a set of concrete tests are subsequently sent to the Humanetics UFO Base control software. The Humanetics test robots (UFOs, Driving Robots) are then able to accurately execute these tests on the proving ground by converting the data with UFO Base Script (.ubs). Once conducted, the data from the test is sent back to the Foretify ™ productivity dashboard for KPI & Coverage Driven analysis, correlation with the virtual testing and further iterations on the different simulators – providing a visual and quantifiable coverage status of the testing process progress.

In May of this year, the partnering companies plan to conduct a joint event at AAA Northern California’s GoMentum Station in Concord, California. The event will include a live demonstration of the joint toolchain featuring Foretellix’s Foretify™ Verification & Validation platform and its unified Coverage Driven Verification productivity dashboard working together with Humanetics test robots (UFOs, Driving Robots).

“With this combined technology demonstration, we can create a complex scenario with multiple actors  such as motor vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and other vulnerable road users on a virtual platform, and port this scenario to Humanetics’ robots for conducting physical testing on the proving ground. This integration with Foretellix will help customers optimize their test cycles and by improving the data consistency between virtual and physical testing, we can reduce the time and resources needed to run these important tests.” Sanket Mehta, VP Business Development of Humanetics.

“Working with Humanetics enables us to demonstrate how to bridge physical and virtual testing, employing a unified toolchain that generates and executes tests on different platforms – both virtual and physical – and analyzes all that data in one unified productivity dashboard,” says Ziv Binyamini, CEO and Co-founder of Foretellix. “We believe that a unified Verification and Validation platform showing coverage data from both physical and virtual simulation testing is the way forward for the automotive industry’s quest for improving safety and ensuring a faster development cycle of Automated Driving Systems”.

Foretellix provides a revolutionary development lifecycle verification & validation platform for enabling mass deployment of automated driving systems. Foretellix is using proven approaches from the semiconductor chip industry utilizing hyper-automation, big data analytics, and AI. The platform orchestrates and manages the massive scale of testing required to ensure safety, reduce development costs, and shorten the time to market of Automated Driving Systems deployment.

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