NXP Selected InnoWave as a Global Partner for i.MX 8M Plus ISP Tuning & Calibration Support

8 April, 2021

Innowave to provide Image Quality and ISP tuning services for a wide array of image sensors and use-cases

In order to expand the market penetration of its i.MX 8 Series Applications Processors, NXP Semiconductors selected InnoWave Group as a prime partner for ISP (Image Signal Processor Unit) tunning and calibration design services for i.MX 8M Plus Processor.

According to Miki Peer, Founder and CEO of InnoWave (photo above), “InnoWave has unmatched expertise in the world of vision, in-depth expertise in the areas of firmware development for video processing, embedded systems and more. We develop, port and optimize custom imaging algorithms and deliver optimal solutions for various use-cases.”

It includes camera characterization (shading, distortion), ISP Tuning for various camera parameters, 3A tuning and algorithms: Auto exposure, Auto white balance and Auto focus. HDR, Low light, LED flash algorithms, IQ tuning for human vs machine vision, Low light image / video enhancement, Custom image recognition algorithms, Custom noise removal, EIS, array camera and other algorithms.

Software and Hardware Design Center

InnoWave was founded 12 years ago in the US to develop Electro-optics payloads for UAV systems for Aerospace and Defense industry. The group re-shaped it businesses about 4 years ago to become a global provider of engineering design services, including embedded system’s design services in special areas of expertise, such as Embedded Software, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, FPGA Design, ASIC design, Power, Optics and RF.

Peer: “InnoWave is an official business partner with Analog Devices, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Microchip, Osram, and many others. We experience with numerous embedded MPUs and MCUs, including those from Intel, NVIDIA, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Silicon-Labs, TI and Microchip.”

InnoWave group is a global provider of technology solutions, products and engineering services. Its capabilities include marketing research, design and development, product and process engineering, design for manufacturability, and technical support across a widely diversified range of high-mix, high-value and complex products.

The chart below describes InnoWave’s range of Expertise:

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