StoreDot to boost EV charging through communication 

30 August, 2021

Charging booster monitors both the battery and the charger. It analyzes the charging system's performance and sets the most suitable charging profile without overheating

StoreDot Company from Herzeliya developed communication technology between a vehicle’s battery and charging system, allowing it to boost the charging speed of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs). This technology is intended for use in batteries developed by StoreDot – eXtreme Fast Charging (XFC) and in batteries developed and manufactured by other companies. It will be integrated in the company’s charging solutions and will be sold to other battery manufacturers.

StoreDot provided general details regarding this technology and reported it to be in patent pending status. It is based on a combination of hardware and software modules found in both the charger and the vehicle battery, creating the “booster” feature. This booster monitor the battery and the charger, analyze the performance of the charging system at real time, adjust the battery’s capacity to receive high currents and defines the fastest available  charging profile without battery overheating. 

The company reported that this charging booster is suitable for existing in-use charging systems, providing them the ability of fast charging without the need for infrastructure upgrade. Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO, say that the goal of his company is to support both automotive manufacturers and infrastructure providers.

StoreDot Company has developed the FlashBattery technology, allowing Li-ion batteries to be charged in only several minutes. This technology is based on NanoDots particles, each at the size of 2 nanometers, characterized by high capacity and integrated in the electrolytic liquid within the battery.  

In early 2021, StoreDot has produced the pilot production batch of EV batteries in a plant of the Chinese battery manufacturer Eve Energy. These batteries were used to demonstrate full charge of a two-wheeled EV in just five minutes. At May 2021 StoreDot signed an agreement with Eve Energy, under which it will produce early samples for clients by the year end, and starting at 2024 it will mass-produce the batteries for integrating in various EVs.

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