Rafael’s Drone Dome system was used to secure the G7 summit

19 September, 2021

The system track drones in no-fly zone, and block its GPS and remote control capabilities. Also, it includes sophisticated laser that neutralizes the hostile drone

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. revealed that the British Ministry of Defense used is C-UAS Drone Dome system, as part of its efforts to protect world leaders from potential threats during the G7 Summit in Cornwall, England at last June. The Ministry of Defense has purchased several Drone Dome systems three years ago, and the systems were already operational in several arenas. 

The Drone Dome system, whose development was completed in 2016, allows for detection, identification, and neutralization of hostile drones. Such drones may occur at no-fly zones, operated for the purpose of carrying out airstrikes, gathering intelligence or other activities. Each Drone Dome system is composed of RPS-82 static radars manufactured by RADA company, providing 360-degrees coverage for a 3.5 miles range, various sensors and a package of jamming, blocking and interception means. In addition, it is an all-weather system, with continuous 24/7 protection.

The neutralization process is taking place at several phases. First, the system detects and identifies the hostile drone, using its radar and Electro-Optic/IR sensors. Next, data is being processed and a warning is being transferred to the operator. If the drone is being identified as a hostile one, jamming process is taking place – either automatically or manually by the operator, based on AI algorithms.

At the final phase, when the hostile drone is led into safe area, it is being neutralized by a GPS-blocking system, together with a radio & video blocking. A high-focusing laser technology is integrated in the Drone Dome system, allowing it to locks onto the target, tracks it, and carries out either a soft or hard-kill at a short time. The system also includes a safety mechanism, allowing it to focus only at the hostile target, assuring maximal safety for its surroundings and preventing collateral damages.

Several countries have already purchased the system. The usage of Drone Dome system during the G7 summit is evidence to the satisfaction and confidence of the British Ministry of Defense in the system, Rafael says.

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