Aidoc developed Operating System for AI medical application

1 December, 2021

Aidoc's OS is agnostic, meaning it allows the implementation of medical AI algorithms by various vendors on a unified platform

Aidoc Company developed a designated OS (operating system) for the medical world, intended for AI-based algorithms that use to analyze imaging scans. Aidoc is considered a leader in the field of medical algorithms. Its algorithms automatically analyze imaging scans such as X-ray, CT and MRI – and alert the radiologist for abnormal findings that may indicate emergency situations such as intracranial hemorrhage or acute C-spine fractures.

Next to Aidoc, other companies are active in this field, to include Israeli companies. The Aidoc’s operating system is considered an agnostic one, allowing it to run algorithms created by other vendors. This method provides hospitals and imaging institutes with the ability to integrate other AI solutions in more effective and easy manner. Till now, Aidoc OS platform integrated AI solutions from 5 other vendors: Imbio, Riverain, Icometrix, Subtle Medical and ScreenPoint Medical. These 5 sub-specialties solutions are added to Aidoc’s 7 FDA-cleared solutions that are already built in the system.    

According to 2021 Sage Growth Partners survey, about 90% from the hospitals that took part are willing to adopt AI-based solution, comparing 53% two years ago. However, only 34% are deploying these solutions in practice. According to Aidoc, that gap is a result of the complexity of integrating various vendors’ solutions under a unified environment. Aidoc’s OS analyze the scan characteristics and apply the relevant algorithm from the ones available in the system – regardless of its vendor.   

Artificial Intelligence in the service of the Radiologist

Aidoc operate in the growing field of AI in the use of imaging scans’ interpreting. Its platform interfaces with the hospital’s server and automatically analyzes the imaging scans of the inpatients or the patients in the ER. The system detects abnormal findings such as intracranial hemorrhage, acute C-spine fractures or a stroke. Usually, the radiologist analyzes the scans in a FIFO order. The Aidoc system prioritizes the scans that require extra attention and emergency care for the medical team.  

Aidoc’s algorithms are based on a deep-learning and big-data analysis. These algorithms analyze millions of scans in order to define patterns that characterize medical situations and symptoms. Till now, 7 of the developed algorithms were cleared by the FDA. In May 2020 the company received FDA clearance for an algorithm that is capable of detecting findings connected to COVID-19 infection from imaging scans. According to the company, its healthcare AI platform is currently deployed at about 400 health centers around the globe, is used by 5,000 radiologists in health networks, hospitals and radiology groups worldwide, and having analyzed over 10.3 million scans in total to date.

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