Datumate wins German Railroad Company’s tender

1 February, 2022

Datumate's platform creates a "digital twin" of the construction site based on drones' photos, and provides the ability for smart work progress tracking

Datumate Company, the developer of DatuBIM, won Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany’s national railroad company’s tender. DatuBIM is a cloud-based data analytics platform, providing capabilities for tracking work progress in infrastructure and construction projects. The railroad company awarded Datumate with a two-year term, with an optional additional two years, of using the Israeli company’s platform to track maintenance and construction works.

A chronic problem of the construction world is non-compliance with pre-determined schedules and budget. Datumate’s platform is intended to provide construction site’s work management optimization, using smart analytic based on big-data, machine learning, computerized vision and artificial intelligence technologies. In order to track work progress, Datumate’s platform creates a “digital twin” of the site based on drones’ aerial photos. The digital twin allows for successive comparison of the work progress at the field against original working plans – and to identify deviations. Based on the drones’ photos, the platform generates real-time data and engineering reports, something that traditionally takes weeks to prepare. In addition, the platform is capable of managing supply chain.

The platform is intended to be used in buildings’ construction sites, railroads laying, water, gas and oil infrastructure works and more. At the railroad field, Datumate’s platform addresses one of the major bottlenecks of delaying works. Laying railroads is a linear process – it’s impossible to go ahead with the next segment before current segment is ready. Completing a segment requires a supervisor’s inspection at the field, to approve the segment’s completeness. Since railroad operators usually lacks sufficient amount of supervisors, significant delays are common. Datumate’s platform provides the ability of remotely perform these supervision processes using aerial photos, shortening work schedules significantly. The company offers its platform service in SaaS method. Among its clients in Israel are Mekorot, Israel’s national water carrier and Netivei Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company. 

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