Cybord raised $4M to avoid Counterfeit Parts

9 March, 2022

Cybord SMT acquires component images from a built-in camera in the SMT pick and place machines - to learn and analyze every component - using an AI algorithm and a big knowledgebase

Above: SIPLACE Pick and Place head with built-incamera. Cybord SMT acquire these images for advanced analysis

Keeping damaged, counterfeit and recycled parts out of the production lines is a tedious and in many cases unsuccessful mission. Cybord from Herzliya, Israel, brings a game changer product, Cybord SMT, to avoid this problem and provide quality assurance for the electronic manufacturing industry. This week the company announced a $4M Seed investment led by IL Ventures, a VC fund focused on transformational technologies for legacy industries, with co-investment by the Israel Innovation Authority.

The company delivers advanced AI and Big-Data software that inspects, qualifies, and tracks every component and every electronic board. Cybord SMT acquires component images from a built-in camera, already installed on the SMT pick and place machines. It learn and analyze every component using AI and a component knowledgebase on the cloud, and provide the manufacturer a full report covering 100% of the components.

Cybord SMT validates authenticity (top), identifies defects (middle) and reduces the cyberattack vector by detecting reprogrammed components (bottom)
Cybord SMT validates the authenticity of each part (top), identifies defects (middle) and reduces the cyberattack vector by detecting reprogrammed components (bottom)

“Today, in the midst of the global supply chain crisis, electronic manufacturers struggle to meet ever-growing customer demand while keeping quality a top priority. The need to acquire components in the free market and not only from well-established suppliers increases manufacturers’ exposure and vulnerability to significant quality issues. These issues can have direct, sudden, and costly effects on their ability to produce quality products,” said Zeev Efrat, CEO at Cybord.

“Our proven technology allows leading industry players to implement the Zero-Trust approach. As the global shortage in electronic components becomes chronic, this becomes a competitive edge which helps our customers generate more revenues, lower their costs, and increase their profitability,” added Dr. Eyal Weiss, Cybord’s founder, and CTO.

“Cybord’s proprietary technology is already deployed, serving FLEX and other global industry leaders at several manufacturing sites globally. The company has made remarkable technological and commercial achievements to date. By now, Cybord scanned over 1.2 billion components while supporting high production volumes with value delivered every day,” said Elad Frenkel, Managing Partner at IL Ventures. “We are confident this genuinely disruptive AI technology will change the entire industry, solving a multi-billion-dollar pain of the electronics industry.”

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