FlyOne to market 25 personal Air’s eVTOL vehicles

22 March, 2022

Air developed all electrical two seater aircraft for short flights and leisure. The agreement , the company's first commercial one, is estimated at $4 million.

First commercial agreement for Air, developer of personal eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing aircraft). The Israeli company, located in Pardes-Hanna, announced its partnership with Australia’s FlyOne, local supplier of electrical aircrafts which also operates Skycademy – an academy for pilots using personal electrical aircraft, such as the one developed by Air.

As part of this agreement, FlyOne will begin to market a fleet of about 25 personal AIR ONE vehicles, and will also provide training, certification, maintenance and service. According to Air, the partnership is estimated at $4 million, where each AIR ONE vehicles is valued at $150,000. FlyOne offers a 12-week training which grants the student with a local license allowing it to fly two-seater aircraft during day hours.   

Air was founded in 2017 by Chen Rozen, serial entrepreneur in the field of unmanned aircrafts, which used to formerly work for Elbit. Another co-founder joining him later are Netanel Goldberg and Rani Plaut. The company has developed an all electrical two-seater aircraft, , intended for short flights and leisure. AIR ONE is equipped with a 60kWh Lithium battery, fully charged within an hour. The vehicle is capable of flying for a range of 110 miles (177 km) on a single charge at speeds up to 155 miles per hour (250 km).  It comes with foldable wings, which makes it easy to store, and it allows owners to take off and land on any flat surface.

The core of the flight control system is based on the Fly by Intent software developed by Air. This software performs complex control and navigation functions, so the usage is not limited to highly skilled or professional pilots only (the license type is similar to the sport one, which requires a 15-20 training hours). Another safety features include an AI based monitoring system, which performs comprehensive inspections to the vehicle and replaces complex maintenance and operational activities, in order to provide maximum safety for less professional users, too. According to the company, AIR ONE is based on technologies and techniques adopted from the aviation and automotive industries, and is planned to be used as a fun, safe and daily vehicles, meeting all aviation standards.

Sidelong the current agreement, 60 people already booked  an AIR ONE vehicle using the company’s website. In order to do that, they required to pay a deposit of $1,000. For almost two years, Air is working with the American FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and is expected to sign a G1 certification soon, as part of the vehicle’s certification process, and also started with the same process in Australia. The company estimates the process in front of the Australian authorities will be much simpler than the American one.

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