Esti Felba Hermesh to head CodeValue off-shore arm

4 April, 2022

She will lead the company's operations in Eastern Europe. CodeValue offers development services to start-up companies and enterprises

Software development services company CodeValue has announced that Esti Felba Hermesh has been appointed as CodeValue’s Offshore Director and will lead the company’s operations in Eastern Europe.

Esti is 45 years old and has over 15 years of experience in business development, customer management, project management and sales in a wide range of companies in the field of Technology Services. As part of her role, Esti will be responsible for building and managing the Offshore operations of CodeValue in Eastern Europe, building a tailored service package, mapping tech capabilities in different countries, defining requirements, building an entity, creating collaborations with local vendors, programming software acquisition programs and IT.

In her previous role she served as the Director of the Medical and Industry Security Division and was responsible for managing the Delivery team and building bootcamps to grow the next generations of developers. Esti holds a BA in Film, Television and Education from Tel Aviv University

Tali Shem Tov, CEO of CodeValue: “CodeValue Offshore is sort of a  start-up within CodeValue we see it as one of our main growth engines for the expansion of the company’s operations around the world. The need for developers is massive, SCALE has become a common term spoken among executives in tech companies and one of their great painpoints. Due to lack of developers in Israel and in view of the ever rising need, extending CodeValue reach to encompass talented developers in Eastern Europe is the best solution for our customers. Esti brings with her a lot of experience and talent, and I have no doubt that she will reach the fulfillment of our business goals in no time. ”

CodeValue, founded in 2010, is a services company delivering supreme architectural and technical expertise and in-depth consultancy. We integrate product & design research in our development process, provide managed software and cloud solution, and offer customized training programs to bridge knowledge gaps.

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