Waterfall secures gas supply network between Lithuania and Poland

11 May, 2022

Waterfall's hardware-based cybersecurity solution was lately deployed across gas pipelines infrastructure, among other things, on the background of the growing cyber threat from Russia

Waterfall Security Solutions, the OT security company has deployed its unidirectional cyber gateway barrier across the gas transmission infrastructure between Lithuania and Poland. The hardware solution, installed at several nodes throughout the pipelines network, allows operational systems such as pumps and control systems, to send operational data outside to the information system. At the same time, the hardware blocks attackers and prevent them from damaging or distrupting the system. In fact, this system is the new natural gas interconnect that joins Polish, Lithuanian, Baltic and Finnish gas transmission systems with the European Union pipeline system. The infrastructure is operated by the gas transmission system operators of Lithuania (Amber Grid) and Poland (Gaz-System S.A.).   

The cybersecurity solution was deployed lately, and among other reasons, it is meant to prevent Russian cyber attacks as part of the war in Ukraine and the sanctions the UE is plan to impose on Russian gas import, a move that may provoke a backlash from Russia. Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder at Waterfall Security Solutions say in a conversation with Techtime: “There is a growing recognition in Europe for the need to strengthen the cybersecurity walls around crucial infrastructures. This trend began even before the war in Ukraine, on the background of several gas infrastructure attacks, but there is no doubt that the war made this need a necessity. We are involved in several similar projects at the area”.    

Founded at 2008, Waterfall has developed a unidirectional cyber solution, consists of both hardware and software, which offers bulletproof protection for operational networks (OT) in industrial facilities against remote cyber attacks. The hardware component is installed between the operational network (OT) and the external network (IT). A single one direction optical fiber connects the two, thus creates a Unidirectional Security Gateway allowing data to move only outward but not into the industrial network itself.

This hardware creates a physical barrier that isolates the network. When a user uses the analytics systems, he does so in a replicated cloud. Waterfall employs approximately 100 employees in Israel and the US. According to the company it has a few thousands of customers, mainly from the Energy and Electricity, Gas and Oil, Water and Chemicals sectors.

[Image source: Gaz-System]

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