Red Access Emerges from Stealth with $6M Round

25 May, 2022

The first SaaS-based, agentless security platform offers frictionless solution to browsing-based cyber threats

[Red Access’ founders. Photo credit: Omer Hacohen]

Secure browsing innovator Red Access has emerged from stealth announcing its $6M Seed round, jointly led by Elron Ventures and Ten Eleven Ventures. The Israeli startup has introduced a new generation of secure browsing solutions that is both comprehensive and seamless — securing every session, across any browser without disrupting the user experience, while providing SaaS-driven ease of management. Already in deployment and now commercially available, the Red Access platform provides superior protection from modern cyber threats without the need to install any endpoint agent or modify work habits.

Over the past decade, and recently accelerated by the rise of remote and hybrid work, enterprise IT has been transformed by the growing trend of “browserization”, where the browser has emerged as the modern worker’s primary gateway to the digital world. While a variety of security products aimed at addressing these risks have emerged in recent years, they’ve thus far proven incomplete and rife with trade-offs. 

“Red Access represents the next stage of evolution in secure browsing,” said Red Access CEO Dor Zvi. “We’ve created a much-needed solution to an urgent problem faced by today’s enterprises the rapidly-expanding web attack surface. We’re filling in the gaps, offering a new security platform that redefines secure browsing, establishing a new gold-standard of frictionless and agnostic security the secure web session.” 

Red Access’s innovative, “session-based” security solution works across any browser, combining multi-layered analysis (including cloud and endpoint inspection), agentless design, and single-click management. Together, the suite of features and functionality ensures comprehensive coverage and control against the latest file, identity, and data-driven attacks — including phishing, ransomware, and other leading threats. The fully device-, browser-, and web/SaaS application-agnostic solution empowers any company to easily secure every browsing web app session, without having to force new work habits, adopt new hardware, or bolt on additional layers to existing solutions.

“Red Access enables always-on Bring Your Own Browser (BYOB) security – completely seamless to the user and non-disruptive to their choice of browsers, while one-click easy to implement for security teams” explained Todd Weber, Operating Partner and CTO of Ten Eleven Ventures. “Traditional solutions only address one side of the secure browsing equation, while newer solutions improve security gaps at the expense of the user experience. Red Access finally empowers organizations with a fully secure browsing experience.” 

“The web attack surface has become the most significant cybersecurity risk vector for modern enterprises,” said Elik Etzion, Managing Partner at Elron Ventures. ”By browsing the web and using web and mobile enabled applications as part of their daily work routine, employees unwittingly expose their organizations to cyber attacks daily. Red Access is the only solution on the market to provide the best of all worlds — combining security, usability, and maintainability — in mitigating web-based threats. We couldn’t be more excited to help introduce this disruptive security approach to the world.”  

Red Access was founded by security experts with both offensive and defensive experience from the Israeli Cyber Community. Co-Founders, Dor Zvi (CEO) and Tal Dery (CTO) both bring extensive knowledge in threat detection and response, malware analysis, and information security; having served many years in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) technology units, followed by senior research and development positions at leading tech companies.

Red Access will use the funds from its successful venture round to expand its operations and continue to build on its early successes with accelerated customer growth and strategic partnerships. The company is also actively recruiting for a wide range of positions at its headquarters in Tel Aviv.


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