Sarona Ventures Fund adds international investores to its pool

22 June, 2022

Among them, funds who have invested in Twitter, Coinbase, and Slack. The fund’s focus is on early-stage investments in Israeli entrepreneurs and startups in the seed and Series A stages

The Sarona Ventures Fund, under the Sarona Partners Group, announced that several significant investors have joined their fund, including multiple unicorn co-founders, among them TripActions, Verbit, Deel, ContentSquare and SumUP. Other investors include founders and managers from well-known funds in the world including, Spark Capital, which invested in Twitter and Slack and Green Bay Ventures, which invested in Lime, Dropbox, DocSign, Spotify and MoonPay. Anish Acharya, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, who led the firm’s investments in Deel and Titan among others, has also personally invested. 

Additional investors joining Sarona include the partners’ fund of the global law firm Orrick, and other remarkable entrepreneurs like the Afflelou family, owners of the French optics consortium, Johann ‘Hansi’ Hansmann today Austria’s largest angel investor, Justin Mateen, co-founder of Tinder, Dr. Ravi Dattatreya and Olivier Elbaz, former General Manager at Salesforce. 

The $20 million fund only includes investments from private investors and wealthy families. The fund’s focus is on early-stage investments in Israeli entrepreneurs and startups in the seed and Series A stages. The fund will primarily focus on companies who have completed Sarona Partners’ 365x scale-up programs, as well as companies who have graduated from the prominent U.S. accelerator, Y-Combinator, and recently launched fund-owned accelerators.

Recently, the new fund partook in a Series A investment in TINT, a company that enables tech platforms around the world to embed insurance and regulations into products, that was a graduate of the Y-Combinator’s program. The Israeli companies that the fund has invested in include: ByondXR, a 3D and augmented reality company that is backed by OurCrowd and the Union Group; Salvador Tech, a cyber-attack, software, and hardware recovery company, that is backed by Chemi Peres’ Pitango Fund; Agora, an investment management software that recently announced a fundraising round led by Aleph Venture Capital; Depoint, whose solution helps retail organizations track their inner-workings and is backed by’s first angel investors; and Medcase, a company that provides medical data to giants like Google. 

Sarona Ventures was founded in 2017 as an arm of the Sarona Partners Group, by Philip Bouaziz (Chairman) and Toot Shani (CEO), on the grounds of the Bouaziz family office investment house. With aggregated investments in over 300 startups, to date, the Group’s portfolio includes seven unicorn companies, amongst, Deel, which provides employment management services and freelancers worldwide, with a valuation of $5.5 billion, and Verbit, the transcription giant that automates transcriptions for videos and audio files which is valued at $2 billion, and Ramp, a fintech company that developed a corporate card designed to help businesses spend less

Beyond its venture capital fund, the group operates four acceleration and scale-up programs that range from seed to series B stages. They also provide corporate innovation services and communal workspaces throughout Israel and the United States.


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