Intel Capital will go for Early-stage Investments in Israel

29 November, 2012

The strategic shift was approved this week by Intel Capital President, Arvind Sodhani. The fund inestments in Israel totals $225 million

Intel Corp.Mooly Eden see in Israel

The investment arm of Intel Corp., Intel Capital, approved a change in its investments strategy in Israel. The fund decided to expand its investments in Israel and to enter high-risk invatments in early stage companies, knpwn as Pre-seed and Seed investments.


Intel Israel’s president, Mooly Eden, sain yesterday in a meeting with local entrepeneurs, that the new strategy was approved this week by Intel Capital President, Arvind Sodhani. Eden: “Our goal is to make more investments in Israel, and in earlier stages, such as Seed and Pre-seed”.


Intel Capital’s current Israeli portfolio consists of 12 companies, including companies such as Aternity, Gigaspaces, Panorama Software, Zend, Omek Interactive, Mobixell, Exent and Jordan Valley. Its investments in Israel totaled $225 million.


Intel Capital makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide, to help Intel expand the applications for its comuting architecture. Since its foundation in 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than US$10.7 billion in over 1,250 companies in 58 countries..


In August 2011 Intel Capital created a $300 Million Ultrabook Fund to help accelerate the next revolution of personal computing. In February 2012 it created a $100 million Connected Car Fund to accelerate technology innovation in the automotive industry.

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