SpaceX will Launch the AMOS-6 Satellite

2 February, 2013

Amos-6 is planned to put into orbit 4° West, and to replace Amos-2 satellite, which is expected to end its service during 2016

SpaceX and Spacecom agreed launch Spacecom’s AMOS-6 satellite on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle.

AMOS_6_SATELLITEFalcon 9 will insert the communications satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO). The AMOS-6 satellite will be built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and will provide communication services and direct satellite home internet for Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. AMOS-6 will replace AMOS-2, which is expected to end its service in 2016.

“This last year has been one of great success and tremendous growth,” said Gwynne Shotwell, President of SpaceX. The company closed out 2012 having signed 14 launch contracts.  Falcon 9 is a two stage, liquid oxygen and rocket grade kerosene (RP-1) powered launch vehicle. Until now it had three missions, including a visit the International Space Station. NASA chose SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon Spacecraft to resupply the International Space Station (ISS). The $1.6 billion contract represents a minimum of 12 flights.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) won the contract for the design, production, preparation for launch and operation of the Amos-6 satellite. The deal’s worth is estimated at some $195 million. Amos-6 is planned to put into orbit  4° West, and to replace Amos-2 satellite, which is expected to end its service during 2016.

The satellite also brings IAI to the field of large communication satellites with launch weight of 5,500 kg and payload power of 9,000 Watts. Its communication payload includes 45 transponders in three frequency bands:  Ku, Ka and S. They enable the satellite to provide a variety of communication services, including direct satellite home internet services. Today, IAI also works on the production of the communication satellite Amos-4, that will be delivered to Spacecom by 1 August 2015.

Falcon 9 Engines Close Up
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