GlobalPress Summit Open for Startup’s “Speed Dating”

11 February, 2013

Fifty international publications, covering electronics business, technologies and products, will converge upon the Chaminade Hotel in April for the 11th annual Globalpress Electronics Summit

More than 20 organizations – from start-ups to established corporations – are expected to attend the 2013 Globalpress Electronics Summit, which will take place Monday, April 15, through Thursday, April 18.

The reason that companies come back year after year to the Summit, says Dale Weisman, global public relations manager at Silicon Labs (Austin, Texas), is the opportunity for press coverage from all over the world – without having to travel abroad.
“The Electronics Summit provides Silicon Labs with an outstanding forum for launching our latest mixed-signal solutions, presenting our vision for key markets such as consumer electronics, smart energy and the Internet of Things, and strengthening our relationships with some of the most influential technology trade press from across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the U.S.,” Weisman says.
Building relationships with chip companies and learning about the latest technology trends is why Karen Kou, editor at Taiwan’s Micro-Electronics and Communication Components Magazines, finds the Summit so valuable.
“With person-to-person contact and face-to-face interview of course we can build a better connection with the companies,” she says.

An entire Summit day — Thursday April 18 – is set aside for presentations from emerging companies, according to Irmgard Lafrentz, president and CEO of Globalpress Connection, the organizer of the annual Summit. New this year for very small companies will be a series of 15-minute “Short Stop” press briefings, which Lafrentz says will be “something like speed dating on stage.”
Among the topics that companies will address this year are components, embedded systems, tools and IP for applications in the automotive, broadcast, consumer- electronics, communications, industrial, medical and scientific industry segments.

Companies wishing to meet with the international media at the 2013 Globalpress Electronics Summit can choose from several sponsorship levels, depending on their objective and budget. Overall, says Lafrentz, the cost of participating saves executives time and allows access to an international audience for a fraction of the price of an international press tour.
For information, prospective presenters may contact Irmgard Lafrentz.

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