Flextronics and Qualcomm joined the $12.5 million fund raising for Mantis

30 June, 2014

Mantis has developed MV4D technology, which enables any mobile device to operate in a 3D environment. It has been selected as the 3D engine for Google's Tango project

Mantis has developed  MV4D technology, which enables any mobile device to operate in a 3D environment. It has been selected as the 3D engine for Google’s Tango project.

Qualcomm and Flextronics invested in Mantis Vision from Petah Tikva, Israel, during a $12.5 million capital rais. Othe investors includes Sunny Optical Technology and Samsung. Mantis MV4D technology enables any mobile device to operate in a 3D environment, by combining information and can be added to any user interface or application running on mobile equipment.

Mantis 3D scanner attached to a tablet
Mantis 3D scanner attached to a tablet

MV4D technology combines and integrates information from a 3D camera modules to provide a 3D interface for games, simulated environments and more. It is based on the principles of “Structured Light Pattern” produces by the camara’s flash.

Generation of 3D information using structured light, an already known technology, is based on the principle that light or shadow projected on curved surfaces appears to be curved. Measuring the curve provides information about the curved surface on which the light is imposed. The process is further enhanced by selecting the optimal template to generate the most effective information in the shortest time.

Mantis technology is based on deployment of an electronic circuit using a camera flash to illuminate objects in a template, a camera module based on colored or infra-red (or both) light, and an algorithm analyzing the resulting image to generate 3D information about the object.

Into Google’s Tango Project

In partnership with members of both civil and military experts, it took Mantis four years to develop their technology. Mantis additionally markets their F5 Handheld 3D Scanner which enables scanning and receiving 3D object files used in medical and other industries.

Two weeks ago the company announced that MV4D technology has been selected for the Google Tango project which is designed to provide full 3D support for mobile accessories – receiving 3D data, generating 3D information and operating in a near-human 3D environment.

Amir Shahilov, Company CEO said: “Incorporation of 3D into mobile devices is a paradigmatic change similar to adding cameras to phones. This type of change arrives to the market once a decade. Our goal is to bring 3D to the masses”.

Qualcomm Ventures CEO, Moni Chasid explained his investment saying: “The investment will help both companies to quickly develop 3D technology and services for mobile devices. Qualcomm’s input will aim the Company in their development of tools for creation of new applications”.

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