DSP Group VoIP power Obihai’s IP Phones

14 August, 2014

DSP Group DVF99 Chips will provide Cloud Integration to Obihai's IP Phones

DSP Group DVF99 Chips will provide  Cloud Integration to Obihai’s IP Phones

DSP Group announced that Obihai, an innovative manufacturer of VoIP solutions, has chosen DSP Group’s DVF99 VoIP SoC for its new line of IP phone models – the OBi1032 Manager and OBi1062 Professional. DSP Group’s DVF99 dual-ARM™ processor, which integrates digital and analog functions in a single SoC, Obihai’s IP phones deliver advanced features such as support for up to 24 lines, cloud integration, unparalleled HD voice quality, best-in class acoustics, large graphical color display, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi Connectivity, Gigabit Ethernet and PoE.

The DVF99 SoC is based on a state-of-the-art multi-core architecture that provides outstanding performance, and the solution includes DSP Group’s field-proven IPfonePro SDK, a Linux-based software platform featuring security, enhanced graphics and exceptional HD audio.

Obihai’s OBi1032 and OBi1062 IP phones provide outstanding price-performance by effectively leveraging DVF99 features like an on-board xVGA LCD controller, a 2D graphics processing unit, multiple DMA engines, power management, DDR3 and NAND Flash memory controllers, multiple USB ports, HD audio codecs, and crypto and security engines.

“Obihai and DSP Group have worked together to bring cutting-edge yet cost-effective voice collaboration features to our customers,” said Sherman Scholten, VP of Sales and Marketing at Obihai Technology. “The launch of the OBi1032 and OBi1062 IP phones is especially exciting as we further enhance our relationship with DSP Group as an innovative customer of the powerful DVF99 platform. OBi1032 and OBi1062 will be available in the next 30 to 60 days via Obihai’s global distribution partners. Service provider and reseller partners can contact Obihai today to arrange for sample devices to qualify for deployment.”

“Our close partnership with Obihai contributed to the rapid development of the OBi1032 and OBi1062, also thanks to our customer-focused solutions and support,” said Fredy Rabih, VP of Product Management at DSP Group. “As a leading unified communications SoC vendor, we are constantly bringing new and advanced chipset solutions to the enterprise IP telephony market. Leveraging voice processing expertise and low-power capabilities, our SoCs meet the growing demand for advanced features and higher integration, while still maintaining optimum price-performance ratios,” he concluded.

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