Rafael unveiled Drone Dome defense system

11 April, 2016

Drone Dome is a novel drone detection and neutralization system based on smart sensors and electronic jam counter measures

Drone Dome is a novel drone detection and neutralization system based on smart sensors and electronic jam counter measures


Israeli defense system producer Rafael, co-producer of the Iron Dome missile defense system unveiled its new  “Drone Dome” system, aimed to tackle the growing threat from small UAVs. The new system consists of RADA RPS-42 Radar, CONTROP’s MEOS surveillance system, and Netline’s C-Guard RD Jamming system, promises to provide 24 hour, 360 degrees circular coverage in all weather conditions as well as rapid response and minimal collateral interruption.

Drone Dome’s UAV neutralization process includes several steps. First, the system detects and identifies the drone using radar and EO/IR sensors. The data is then analyzed, alerting the system operator if the drone is determined to be hostile. An automated or manual interference operation can then be initiated. When the drone enters the designated neutralization zone, it is neutralized by the Dome’s GPS and radio jamming system.

The system uses components produced by leading Israeli defense system producers. The RPS-42 Radar was developed by RADA. The RPS-42 operates in the S-Band range and includes Pulse-Doppler and an Active Electronically scanned Array antenna with software controlled beam forming capabilities. the Radar includes an Ethernet communication enabling a direct integration into wider command and control systems.

Controp's EO sensor
Controp’s EO sensor

The MEOS sensor was developed by Controp. It is a EO detection and surveillance system including a thermal camera, a daylight camera as a laser range-meter with 10 and 20 km range. The system already in use by coast guards, border patrols and sensitive infrastructure installations security.

UAVs growing threat

Unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly becoming a threat to homeland security. The availability of cheap, easy to use drones makes these an attractive  terror organizations around the world.  Drones can be used in a variety of hostile activities – from the gathering of intelligence to airborne attacks on civilian and military targets.  In the last few years Palestinian armed group Hamas as well the Iranian-Syrian backed Hezbollah have made attempts to use surveillance drones in their struggle against Israel.

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